13 07 2008

The weather turned out great! It’s rained a few days, but in all it was wonderful! Thanks for all those prayers.

This is our last day here. We have boogie boarded, climbed up numerous stairs to look out the top of a light house, chased crabs, cried about scary crabs and eaten crabs. We enjoyed our Locurto cousins and fought with our Locurto cousins. We played on the beach, swam in pool, kayaked, played putt putt golf… both in the rain and sunshine.  It’s been a memorable vacation, that’s for sure!

I discovered my son has quite an obsession with lighthouses. It’s weird, because so did my dad. I guess it’s in his blood. We will probably visit a light house one more time today and try to deep sea fish. I’m thinking there might be some crying involved with fishing, so the light house is sounding good. Look for photos online next week. See you soon!





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