6 08 2008

I have finally gotten around to posting my rainbow shot. A week ago, this is what I saw when I opened my door! Wow! I was late for tennis, but just had to run inside to get my camera. It looks like a double rainbow. It went across the entire sky, but I couldn’t get it all in the shot. 

Tennis was canceled because of the rain, so with my eyes on the rainbow and the road. I didn’t even notice what was behind me to the west until I stopped for gas! It was even better than the rainbow… it looked like the sky was on fire. I love this shot! I can’t believe this picture came from me and my camera.

I also love that several men at the gas station were yelling “Hey baby! You can take my picture anytime!!” It must have been the tight tennis shorts, or maybe they were drunk? Either way, every girl needs a little pick me up from strangers yelling across a parking lot sometimes. ha.




3 responses

6 08 2008
Renee from Chicago

The sky in the second photo is awesome! The golds and texture are just gorgeous! Isn’t nature amazing?

6 08 2008
Stephanie Gould

I am very impressed with your picture taking skills. I still love the pic of your little girl the best. Your a hot momma, let them whistle:)!

8 08 2008

Wow! What a fun post. These brought back so many memories from my childhood. I wish I had kept all of my old records. -Julia

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