Home Office and Garden

11 08 2008

Julia at Hooked on Houses just did a blog party house tour. (One more thing that kept me up at all hours… but it was so much fun!)  This got me to looking through photos I have taken of my own house. I got a little depressed at how messy I’ve let my office become after looking at my photos! I decided to post them so I would be motivated to get it back to this neat and tidy little space. Here is a peak into my home.

The garden is another area that I’m sad to say doesn’t look this good anymore either. This year’s heat has really changed my pretty garden. Last year at this time there were at least 20 butterflies every morning, now I see maybe 5 at a time.

I hope to get both of these spaces back to tip top shape after school starts. I will look at this post often! So note to self: “Amy get motivated!! Just do it!! Get off your computer and de-clutter!! Grab your garden gloves… come on!!!!!”

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5 responses

11 08 2008

I love your home office! It looks like a great place to work. And your garden is beautiful, too. I like your blue chairs. Is that your backyard?

I’ll be doing another house tour blog party in the Fall, so you’ll have to take some more pictures and show us around! -Julia 🙂

11 08 2008

Thanks Julia! That is a small patch of yard on the side of my house. I look out to this garden from my kitchen. My daughter loves watching the butterflies and hummingbirds. It rained this morning! Yeah… maybe it will get back to looking this nice again soon.

Can’t wait for your next blog party. That is so much fun! Your celebrity home tours are my favorite. You’ll laugh, my kids think touring homes is the best thing ever. They would rather do that than go to a park and play. ha! If I find a really good one, I’ll send you some pictures.


9 09 2008

Hi there, I found you through your reply on the Inspired Room… I’m from Texas too so I wanted to say “Howdy”!

I think your garden is amazingly beautiful!!!!!
I would love to have one like that, but I’m cluless as to landscape design. I love the pathway, and the way the plants seem to meld together. My garden will have to wait until next Spring I think, after my wedding. Too many things on my plate right now!

I love your office too, btw.

18 09 2008

love your office

6 10 2008

Loved your photo’s And it is scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry how quickly a studio or office can spin out of control. I guess it is do to all of that creativity. 🙂 I will visit again. I am so new to this Blog stuff that I feel a bit intimidated.

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