Friday Feature- Crafty Journals – 8.22.08

22 08 2008
Today is my Friday Feature, but I HAD to interject with a comment on Gwen Stefani’s new baby boy’s name… Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale!
What?? Isn’t that a drink… oh no that’s Zima. Well, maybe they will call him Rock. Or “Z”. Please, not Zuma Nesta. I LOVE me some Gwen Stefani, but not loving the baby name.
We like to name my daughter’s baby dolls weird celebrity baby names. She has new twin dolls that we’ll have to name Zuma and Zahara they can be little sisters to her baby Apple Suri and baby Shiloh. hee. hee.
Okay here is Friday’s Feature… Have a Zima this weekend and enjoy!
This is an easy journal craft I did with my MOPS group:
Materials Needed
• Spiral Notebook
• Scrapbook Paper
• Stickers
• Glue
• Ribbon or Material
Glue paper to the cover and decorate. Cut strips of fabric or use ribbon to tie around the wire of a spiral notebook. Make sure to fill the spaces so you can’t see the wire. Walla! An easy home-made journal.
Not a crafty person? Check out these ultra cool journals made with recycled hardcover books. So fun!

Larry's Racing Machine recycled book blank journal

Steve McQueen Star on Wheels recycled book blank journalrecycled book blank journal with woman in gown positive negative image on cover

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4 responses

22 08 2008
Fifi Flowers

Hmmm… I hadn’t heard the baby’s name.. that is interesting… just a thought… maybe he is named after a “nest” they saw on some “rocks” at “Zuma” Beach, CA. That’s my guess… but cheers to Gwen with a ZIMA!

BTW… thank you for visiting my site… my painting are not oil… I always use acrylic. Come back and visit! Fifi

22 08 2008

Too funny. I think Zuma Nesta sounds like a sleeping pill…

23 08 2008
Ruth Ann in East Texas

I am still laughing about this post!!! What names! I have been meaning to ask you….do you do scrapbooking? This notebook thing…my sister started scrapbooking before it was even popular. She does these and makes wild purses, and especially cards. She shared a business with four other women…an artsy, antique, giftshop. and she sold her “wares” there. This was in Nacogdoches and I believe the name of it is “The Antique Warehouse”. She and my oldest daughter love scrapbooking..they do some pretty work!

I will forward this to my sister! Don’t know if she has thought about or done the ribbons on the wire ring. COOL!

Ruth Ann

PS…your pics…your friends from school..i bet ya’ll knew how to have a good time! reminds me of my youngest daughter and her friends at SFA. great memories and they all still stay close and keep in touch.

23 08 2008

Ruth Ann,

If you read this… yes I do scrapbook. I am about 2 years behind though. That’s another reason I started this blog was to keep up with the kids. Someday, I’ll get back to my scrapbooking. I love paper and stickers. It’s a fun hobby when there is time in the day to do it:-)


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