Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

23 08 2008

chocolate peanut butter draping

smittenkitchen.comMy new favorite cooking blog is Smitten Kitchen. How have I never heard of this site before? Beautiful photos and recipes. And she LOVES chocolate. My kinda gal! Her name is Deb and she cooks some gorgeous things in a tiny NYC apartment kitchen. 

Go here for this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake recipe. WOW! Is your mouth watering? 

Photo by Smitten Kitchen


Have a great weekend! Come back Monday to read about my boy going to kindergarten! We met the teacher last night and he LOVED it. I’m not as worried about him crying or being clingy. I am a little worried that he’ll be very loud. He was so excited that he was shouting!! 


He had to look in each kid’s locker. I can just imagine him the first day of school shouting “TEACHER! I NEED TO GET SOMETHING FROM MY LOCKER!!” or ” TEACHER, I HAVE TO PEE!” Poor teacher. 🙂


Sorry for the bad photo… taken from my iPhone. I’ll remember to bring my real camera on Monday.


P.S.- Happy Birthday Mom!




One response

25 08 2008
Miz Booshay

Isn’t it funny how children call their teacher, Teacher?

I hope your son loves school. Beware…you may have a few tears.

My son Matthew was loud. His teacher would say, “He blurts things out.” He learned….eventually :o)

I found Smitten Kitten a few years ago when she was nominated for a Bloggie. Her photography is amazing. Her recipes are a little hard for me.

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