Days of the Week Tags

26 08 2008

Here is an idea I came up with to keep my son organized and ready for school. We picked out clothes for each day of the week and hung them on a low rack for him to reach. Then I designed some cute tags to hang on each outfit. Each tag has the day of the week.

The night before school, my son takes the outfit off the hangers and puts it on the floor by his door. This way he won’t forget to get dressed before coming downstairs. We usually make silly poses with the clothes and that makes it even more fun!

Download my tags and print them for yourselves!

Bright Colored Tags

Pastel Colored Tags


P.S.     My son’s first day of Kindergarten was great! There was some drama with fire ants though. A few girls got a bunch of bites on the playground, then the teacher got them all over her. They moved inside to find more ants around the locker. Lots of crying and kids going to the nurses office. I hope the little kids aren’t too freaked out about their first day. That poor teacher! So needless to say, when I asked about school… all I heard about were ANTS! ha. Oh, he was also very happy to discover that “They give you food at school!” Ummm… Yeah…. Mommy sent your lunch with you. “Oh, but they had chicken nuggets they were giving away.” Kids crack me up:-)

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7 responses

26 08 2008
Miz Booshay

Those tags are the cutest thing!!! You are so clever. I am linking you tomorrow!!

So sorry to hear about the ants! Yikes!

Makes the root beer incident sound rather tame:o)

28 08 2008

What a very cool and creative idea!

Tammy ~@~

28 08 2008

Great idea, Amy!

28 08 2008
Angie in OH

I came upon your blog from Miz Booshay’s and I have to agree that these are fantastic! My kids are going to love them. Thank you so much for sharing them as a download for everyone.

Angie in OH

28 08 2008
Amy from Texas

Hope everyone gets some good use from my tags! I’m glad you all like them. I recommend getting them laminated. My son ripped one today:-(


29 08 2008
Kate in OH

These are so adorable and functional. what a great way to make the morning go more smooth!
thanks for the download! LOVE IT!

24 09 2008

I love these…not sure if I need them being that my kids have to wear uniforms to school but I might have to find a need for these since they are just so cute.

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