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6 09 2008

My son is a total computer freak! He loves playing on the computer and would be on Play Station 2 all day if I let him. I’m also a computer freak, so this might be some what my fault… monkey see, monkey do right? For being only 5, he’s really smart and sneaky. He knows how to use keyboard short cuts to get rid of my desktop junk and get to his favorite web sites. It’s crazy what he can do on the computer! I was so excited when Apple updated their parental controls. Now my son has to login to use the computer, only able to go to sites that I allow and it shuts down after 20 minutes.

To control my little freak’s time on my Mac and Play Station, I designed a coupon. This is a fun reward to use right away or save up several for the weekend. If you don’t have a Mac or great parental controls, I hope you enjoy this alternative idea.

Download my coupons to use with your own little computer freak:

Computer Time Coupon

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16 responses

6 09 2008

Awesome! I made something similar when Hunter was younger, but not nearly as cute! Thank you for putting this out here. We needed this again.

6 09 2008

I have used something like this in the past with my older one. My younger one needs it now. Thanks for sharing!

6 09 2008

Good idea for the when the kids get older. Thanks for stopping by my page…I like your blog 🙂

6 09 2008

what GREAT stuff you have. i’ll be checking here regularly for more ideas! thanks for sharing your gift of creativity! 🙂

6 09 2008
Miz Booshay

You are so cool!

You know what I would love to use?
Your little twitter bird ;o)

6 09 2008
Angie in OH

My oldest son is a total computer freak as well. I am a total freak about monitoring everything he does on the computer though. He just got his first email account and is allowed to email his cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles. It’s been such a fun way for him to communicate with loved ones!

6 09 2008

What?! Apple updated their parental controls?! I had better check into that as it sounds like it would work wonderfully 🙂

Tammy ~@~

6 09 2008

What a fantastic idea! Don’t need it yet (though Anja DID pull one of the keys off my laptop the other day), but perhaps in a few years…

8 09 2008

Ditto here! My girls love the computer. So does their mom. Their favorite site though is webkinz. They’ve discovered that if one is on the PC at the desk and the other is on “MY” laptop in the bedroom their pets can interact with each other and they can send things to each other. I keep thinking….sheesh, we need more computers in this house!! I need to get a few more Macs (C:

9 09 2008
Dot O

Wow, wish you were producing those coupons about 4-5 years ago when my kids were 10-12. Now they are always on the PC doing “homework” and I use the term homework loosely at times – that dang IM screen constantly pops up – but hey, it’s an online study group!

Anyway, the coupon idea is awesome! Will read through your blog more. Your family is gorgeous! I too am a stay-at-home mom who happens to work from home too. I’ve been doing it for 15+ years and although the pay’s not that great, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I love being home when they walk in the door from school.

9 09 2008
Kate in OH

What a great coupon!
thanks for sharing!
U rock creativity, I need to hang around just so maybe I can pick some up!

9 09 2008

Great Blog! Need to tell my daughter.
May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

9 09 2008
Ruth Ann in East Texas

What wonderful ideas you have! These are so neat. I only wish I had some of your imagination.
Has been a bit since I have been here; just wanted to stop in and say a big hello and hope all is well with you and yours. School still going well?
Got to get to work; have missed reading you! Will have to catch up.

Have a wonderful day.

Ruth Ann

9 09 2008

What a great idea not only for the computer but other activities as well.

9 09 2008

Cute coupon. Maybe I should make a Facebook one for my husband. 😛

9 09 2008

Thanks for sharing. Mine are too young to monkey around on my laptop, but that time is fast approaching. It is best to be prepared. I hope you create one for TV too. : )

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