Halloween Tag – Free Download

18 09 2008

Have you noticed owls are everywhere now? I love them! I’m planning a pumpkin carving party in October for a few neighborhood kids and designed a cute owl tag for goodie bags. Thought I would share with you all to use at home!

Download Tags Here

I always love to find digital scrapbook kits! In honor of Halloween, I thought I would create my very first kit! I hope you enjoy it! You can go to my new web site to download the entire kit. (my blog won’t let me attach zip files)

Halloween Scrapbook Kit


• 5”x7” card

• large gift tags

• 3 scrapbook cut outs

• orange swirl paper

• spots on black paper

***Click here to download the entire kit.***

If you enjoy FREE downloads. Spread the word by adding a button to your site. Pick from any of these colors. Don’t forget to link back here! (If you link to me, I’ll link back to your site:-)

To add the blue one to your side bar, copy and paste this code:

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Come back in October for my Halloween Blog Party and have a chance to win fun prizes!

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15 responses

18 09 2008
The Arthur Clan

You are way too motivated Amy…this is beautiful! And the perfect kit to use for Halloween. 🙂

Angie in OH

18 09 2008

Wow! This is great! Thanks!

18 09 2008

You are so creative! I love these! Those owls are just too cute. -Julia 🙂

18 09 2008
Bella Casa

Those are so cute! I should print those out for my little guy’s preschool class 🙂

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog:)

Oh…owls…they are all over at etsy in the vintage section, so what is old is new again 🙂


18 09 2008
Melissa @ The Inspired Room

Feeling a little depressed now, seeing all your creative ideas. You are amazing! 🙂

Your comment was cracking me up today. Silly.

Happy night,

18 09 2008

Those are SO cute! Wish I was ambitious enough to do something besides throw a bag of Snickers in a bowl and call it good for my trick-or-treaters…

19 09 2008

Lovely tags thanks! Lily will love them 🙂

And to tag you back (as it were!) I’ve just tagged you for 7 Obscure things about me – hope that’s ok?

19 09 2008

Cute Idea! I love love love Halloween and am also getting very excited about it, too.

19 09 2008
C Riley

Thank you for sharing your darling work with the rest of us!

29 09 2008
Natalie at FLHomeBlog

Oh, those are adorable! And free? You’re so generous, thank you! I like the buttons and I’m going to attempt to put the green one on my page.

2 10 2008
Natalie at FLHomeBlog

I finally figured it out…now I need to figure out why you’re not showing up on my blog list. I’m such a newbie, lol. I love your blog!

6 10 2008

Thanks for the great download!

6 10 2008

those owls are just too adorable! love them!

7 10 2008

THANK YOU! I LOVE LOVE LOVE owls! 🙂 (I’m one happy mama!)

8 10 2008

So freakin adorable…I can’t stand it!

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