Apples 101

20 09 2008

Want to add some spice to your room without going anywhere but the grocery store? Try this tip:

I had a basket of apples that nobody was eating. So I decided to stick them with wooden skewers and place in a flower arrangement.

It looked so pretty that I rummaged through some old plates and set the table.

Here is a before photo:


Try this trick at home with apples, pears, oranges, lemons or small pumpkins.



20 Little Things I Treasure in Autumn

1. Cool weather

2. Pumpkin Spice Air freshener

3. Jumping in piles of leaves

4. Pumpkins

5. Halloween

6. Texas State Fair

7. Apple Pie

8. Wearing Jeans & Boots

9. Chili

10. Football Season

11. Visiting Family

12. Flannel Sheets

13. Hot Apple Cider

14. My Birthday!

15. Playing Outside & Riding Bikes

16. MOPS (mother’s of preschoolers) starting

18. Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows

19. Candles

20. Eating outside on the patio

Post your 20 little things and add your link to Melissa’s Inspired Room site. Melissa- I LOVE the Pumpkin book I won! Thanks so much:-)



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16 responses

20 09 2008

How pretty! I like your green glasses and plates, too. When’s your birthday? -Julia

20 09 2008

Beautiful! Did you grow the hydrangeas too? I will have to remember the apple trick. I always toss my uneaten apples into the woods behind our house. Something eats them up!

20 09 2008
The Arthur Clan

You are such a good decorator Amy and what a great idea for making your home look more “fallish.” I’m seriously going to invite you to visit us in OH if we ever get around to remodeling our house! 🙂

Angie in OH

20 09 2008
Melissa @ The Inspired Room

HOLY MOLEY! That is GORGEOUS! BEAUTIFUL! I’m drooling! I just stumbled this amazing idea. Hopefully lots of people will come see it!

And your list is completely inspiring too! So glad you took part in the fun! And that you love your pumpkin book!

Happy happy Fall,

20 09 2008

seriously… that is AWESOME! great idea!

21 09 2008

What a great idea. It looks gorgeous. I might try it … hopefully my forever hungry (but well fed) children won’t eat them.

21 09 2008

Enjoyed reading your list of season favorites. Thanks for posting your apple accented bouquet idea, too! Happy Fall!

21 09 2008

GREAT idea! Vivid, bright red always adds so much to anything. Now if I could just find an idea for my browning bananas. I guess I’ll make banana bread again before they ruin! KV

22 09 2008

Love the apples…You are so talented.

22 09 2008
Fifi Flowers

GORGEOUS table setting! Looks like the perfect place to sit down to a lovely Fall meal!

22 09 2008
Vee~A Haven for Vee

The centerpiece looks wonderful…that’s a great tip, thank you!

It’s funny that Texans are thinking about finally being able to eat outside on the patio and we in the North are thinking about packing up the patio. Enjoy your autumn!

22 09 2008

What a super idea!
So crafty.

23 09 2008

What a clever idea with the apples….I’m going to have to try this because it looks sooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

23 09 2008

My daughter loves MOPS too! Love your Autumn list!

25 09 2008

Simply gorgeous and an idea I am going to use. I am soo gald I came to your blog. I enjoyed your auntumn list also. I bet Texas knows how to put on a grand fair

27 09 2008
Linda@ Restyled Home

My jaw dropped a little, seriously! I would never have thought of doing that…it’s beautiful!!

Now I’m looking arounf for uneaten fruit…

Your home is so beautiful,

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