My dream is to have my entire house, from the tiniest junk drawer to my computer desktop and garage, fully decorated and organized. I know it’s dream which will NEVER come true, because as soon as I had it, I would mess it up all over again. So maybe my dream should be a personality adjustment to make me a neurotic organizer who enjoys laundry?? Naaaaa… who has time for that when I can be blogging.:-)

Things I want to do someday:

A Mediterranean Cruise

Go to a destination spa for a week or longer

Take my kids to Disney World (several times!)

Take my kids to the Louvre

Go on a Paris shopping trip with my friend Claudia from The Paris Apartment

Eat pizza in Naples

Go on a 40th birthday trip with my college girlfriends

Design my kids a tree house

Vacation with my husband… alone with no kids!

Tour Washington DC (I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never done this!)

Start some sort of craft or stationary business (my ideas change every month!)

Do something big to help the needy or sick

See my kids marry the love of their lives

Play with grandchildren, then give them back to their parents

Beat my husband in a board game or checkers

Organize my house

Go on a purpose driven life mission trip with my church

Get my vericose veins taken out in my legs (they hurt & are gross!)

Go shopping in NYC at Christmas

Go back to our honeymoon resort in St. Lucia

Surf in Hawaii

Take a cooking class in Tuscany

Have an awesome forehand stroke in tennis

Have time to paint

Grow old with lots of friends and family nearby

Get a pool in the backyard with all the fixins

Get in shape for real



2 responses

10 09 2008

Hey I thought mylist was long. this is good stuff though love your blog

22 09 2008
Xavier's Mom

Well, you could have a great forehand if you would get your butt on the court. Remember, you do have that smokin’ down the alley shot that works sometimes! Also, you don’t have to worry about your varicose veins because you rock in your blue jeans.

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