History- Life in a Small Town

I grew up in two very small towns that begin with the letter P. The first seven years in Missouri, then the rest in Oklahoma. For those of you wondering… yes there really are cowboys, Indians and tornados in Oklahoma! My grandparents grew up on the prairie. My family still lives in this little town.

Growing up in a one stop-light town has its perks and downsides…


Drive-In Theater (kids from all the neighboring small towns gathered here on weekends)

Riding bikes all over town with no worries

A calm little lake to ski in every weekend

Football, basketball and wrestling

Bonfires (usually at someone’s ranch… talk about fun!)

Street Dances (The entire town would shut down for live music and dancing)

Country Diners

Rodeos (always a fun time which usually included some kind of dance afterward)

Able to ride dirt bikes and 4-wheelers pretty much anywhere

County fairs

Indian Dances

Inexpensive living (You can buy a house for the price of a large SUV!)

Down Sides:

Everybody knows your business

Most stores close at 5 pm

Bad cable T.V.

No McDonalds, Wendy’s or Taco Bell (when I was growing up that was no fun!)

A few years behind on fashion, music and pretty much anything that’s not related to country living

No night life

No shopping

No Starbucks

Gravel Roads

Limited Employment Options


Oh… did I mention everyone knows your business:-)


One response

24 06 2008

Osage’s rule!!
Great blog…I’ve really enjoyed it so far.
By the way, I liked the fact that you capitalized
Indians…thanks for giving us some props : )
Have a great week!

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