Yes, this really did happen!

Was run over by a big station wagon with wood grain panels. TWICE!

Charles Barkley prank called me

Eaten an entire large pizza myself

Been pooped on by a bird, a baby and a cat

Taken a shower in a car wash (I had clothes on! Not naked)

Played the spoons in my Grandad’s band at Silver Dollar City (see comment & photo below)

Burst my eardrum several times while water skiing and wake boarding

I used to be a cowgirl and won ribbons in rodeos (Cowboy Tim from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman taught me how to ride.)

My oven caught on fire moments before a wedding shower while a snake was hanging out on my front porch to welcome guests

Watched a surgeon carry my dad’s heart down a hospital hallway in a cooler

Mud wrestled in front of a crowd of people

Had a pet chicken named Chicken Little

Won $50 on a scratch off lottery ticket

Had 4″ high 80’s bangs

Was on MTV for 30 seconds

My Granddad was a well known fiddle player in Oklahoma. He made my spoons for me! Aren’t you jealous:-) This is him with his brother’s and sister. (second to the left)


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18 08 2008

shut up!

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