Fun Fall Tutorials

8 10 2008

Party Coasters

This is an easy idea for party favors or a do it yourself gift. For one Halloween party, I made a bunch of coasters with previous guests in costumes. Everyone had fun looking at the costumes, then took theirs home as a favor.



  • Get some mouse pad type coasters or a kit like this.
  • Size your photos/design to fit, then print with iron on transfer paper.
  • Make sure to flip your image so it irons on correctly. This is especially important if your design contains text. 
  • Cut to size.
  • Iron on your image.
  • Let cool and trim extra around the edge. 


No Sew Pumpkin

A fellow MOPS mom and super crafty gal, Nikki at Whimsy Love, has a great tutorial about these adorable fabric pumpkins! Go HERE to see details on how to make one. I’ve got lots of extra fabric just waiting for me to wrap around a toilet paper roll! How cute! Thanks Nikki!!!



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Paper Toys

7 10 2008

I found these cute, but kind of creepy paper crafts by artist Christopher Bonnette and of course had to share. Download them FREE at

FRANK by macula1.Santa Squealer by macula1.

My son will love the pirate! Arrrrrg!!!

pirate pic by macula1.

Neat Beard by macula1.




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Feature Friday – Fall Crafts – 9.5.08

4 09 2008

I have high hopes of taking time to be crafty this Fall. Here are a few things on my list to make.

Pretty Wreath

My door is dark wood. It’s always a challenge to get something to stand out. Maybe if the ribbon is really bright orange it will work. Love the feathers. I can only use these outside… Rocky LOVES to eat feathers then proceed to throw up on my rug. A favorite pastime of my cat.

Twig wreath with dried flowers and pheasant feathers

Halloween Tree

These are stickers on the ornaments. What a cute idea!

Holiday d�cor piece tree with ornaments Holiday d�cor piece tree with ornaments

Halloween Lampshade

girl with scary eyes picture

What You Need
  • Lampshade
  • Sheet crepe paper: orange and black
  • 1-inch-diameter circle punch
  • Orange construction paper
  • Crafts glue
How to Make It
  1. Cut 2- and 3-inch-wide strips of orange and black crepe paper long enough to fit around the lampshade.
  2. Fold each strip lengthwise, and using scissors, cut slits 1/2 inch apart to make the fringe.
  3. Glue the fringes in place on the shade.
  4. Punch orange paper circles and adhere to the shade with glue.

Use double-sided tape instead of crafts glue if you plan to use the lampshade post-Halloween.

Ideas and photos via Better Homes & Gardens


Check out my personal photos to get inspired for Fall!


What crafts are you are planning to make for Fall?

Leave a comment and let me know about your plans!


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Days of the Week Tags

26 08 2008

Here is an idea I came up with to keep my son organized and ready for school. We picked out clothes for each day of the week and hung them on a low rack for him to reach. Then I designed some cute tags to hang on each outfit. Each tag has the day of the week.

The night before school, my son takes the outfit off the hangers and puts it on the floor by his door. This way he won’t forget to get dressed before coming downstairs. We usually make silly poses with the clothes and that makes it even more fun!

Download my tags and print them for yourselves!

Bright Colored Tags

Pastel Colored Tags


P.S.     My son’s first day of Kindergarten was great! There was some drama with fire ants though. A few girls got a bunch of bites on the playground, then the teacher got them all over her. They moved inside to find more ants around the locker. Lots of crying and kids going to the nurses office. I hope the little kids aren’t too freaked out about their first day. That poor teacher! So needless to say, when I asked about school… all I heard about were ANTS! ha. Oh, he was also very happy to discover that “They give you food at school!” Ummm… Yeah…. Mommy sent your lunch with you. “Oh, but they had chicken nuggets they were giving away.” Kids crack me up:-)

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Friday Feature- Crafty Journals – 8.22.08

22 08 2008
Today is my Friday Feature, but I HAD to interject with a comment on Gwen Stefani’s new baby boy’s name… Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale!
What?? Isn’t that a drink… oh no that’s Zima. Well, maybe they will call him Rock. Or “Z”. Please, not Zuma Nesta. I LOVE me some Gwen Stefani, but not loving the baby name.
We like to name my daughter’s baby dolls weird celebrity baby names. She has new twin dolls that we’ll have to name Zuma and Zahara they can be little sisters to her baby Apple Suri and baby Shiloh. hee. hee.
Okay here is Friday’s Feature… Have a Zima this weekend and enjoy!
This is an easy journal craft I did with my MOPS group:
Materials Needed
• Spiral Notebook
• Scrapbook Paper
• Stickers
• Glue
• Ribbon or Material
Glue paper to the cover and decorate. Cut strips of fabric or use ribbon to tie around the wire of a spiral notebook. Make sure to fill the spaces so you can’t see the wire. Walla! An easy home-made journal.
Not a crafty person? Check out these ultra cool journals made with recycled hardcover books. So fun!

Larry's Racing Machine recycled book blank journal

Steve McQueen Star on Wheels recycled book blank journalrecycled book blank journal with woman in gown positive negative image on cover

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Friday Feature – Kid Crafts – 8.1.08

31 07 2008
This is a day early- but the family is coming for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I’ve got lots to do tomorrow!

It’s 103° in Texas. The pool is like a hot tub. What can you do different inside with kids? Here are some craft ideas that you could try this weekend:

Martha Stewart’s Animal Puppet Kit

I found this puppet kit at Walmart for about $12. You could make your own with lunch bags, scrapbook paper, glue sticks, markers & cotton balls. 


Spin Art

Create your own art with a salad spinner. My son who is not into drawing or crafts. Loves doing this!






Photos and instructions from the Brassy Apple.



Plum Pudding has some great ideas on what to do with your spin art. Check out her other crafts too! So cute.


Recycled Mini Books

I love this project by art teacher Kathy Barbro.  It’s great to do with preschoolers, plus it teaches them to recycle.


Tissue Paper Flowers

These are always fun and easy!

• Cut a few pieces (about 4-6) of tissue paper about 8 x 10 inches (the exact size doesn’t matter).

• Put the paper in a pile and fold it like an accordion fan then round the edges with sissors.

• Tie the center of the folded paper with a green pipe cleaner (or twist tie).

• Gently pull each piece of paper towards the top center of the flower, separating each sheet of paper from the others (forming the petals of the flower).


Turning 2 is Sweet!

23 07 2008

It’s hard to believe my baby will be turning 2 soon. I have been crazy busy with work and being a mom lately, but I did manage to squeeze in time to design her birthday party invitation. I had to cut down this feather boa ribbon for it to fit through the punch holes and now I have tiny pink feathers floating all over my kitchen. (sniff… sniff) I think a feather just floated up my nose!! Luckily I only had to make a few.

click invite to enlarge

We are having two of her friends over for a dress up tea party. It’s going to be such a fun time with feather boas, shoes, jewelry, hats and bags. I just bought some girly pink fabric to decorate the tiny tea table and bows to put around the chairs. I’m excited to do a party theme that is not superhero, cars or trains. Little girls are so sweet!