Feature Friday- Etsy Finds- 10.10.08

9 10 2008

I’ve had many of you ask if I made my little girl’s dress from the fair photos yesterday. Oh, how I wish I had the time to make things like this!

Friends by you.

Erin at Anneke Panneke made that adorable dress! I hope you visit her Etsy shop. Look at this turkey time outfit. How cute is that??

Turkey Time.....Fall Harvest...Custom Jeans Set....Size 2-5

I had never heard of Etsy before starting to blog. Now I’m addicted to it. I could shop there for hours! If you don’t already know, Etsy is a site similar to eBay, but everything sold is handmade. If you see DIY places, that means Do It Yourself. (I never knew this either! Remember… I’m bad with internet lingo.)


Here is one of my favorites if you have little babies: Three Cs Custom Designs

Too sweet to scare CUSTOM applique


AJ’s Country Cottage has some wonderful soaps and candles.



Checkout Washable Art’s Weirdo Soap Set. I love these! Great party favors.

Weirdo - The Almost Complete Set


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Spooktacular Halloween Friday – 10.03.08

3 10 2008

This month each Friday Feature will be about something wonderful I’ve found for Halloween. Enjoy!

Do something fun this year and host a Pumpkin Party! Check out DecoArt’s Pumpkin Painting Idea Center. They have over 40 adorable ideas.

Then download my Pumpkin Party Invitation and let the fun begin!

Download this FREE Pumpkin Party Invitation

Don’t forget my Halloween Owl Tags for the goodie bags:-)


Another FREE download you have to get this Halloween is Love Manor’s Potion Labels. These are so cool! I’m excited because I usually have to make these myself. Now I can just download them and print at home. Thanks Johnny Love! You’ve inspired me to make a jar of eyeballs, just so I can use your label:-)


Potion Ingredients LabelPotion Ingredients Label


Potion Ingredients LabelPotion Ingredients Label



A magical artist I just discovered is Vanessa at A fanciful Twist.

Vanessa has more talent in her pinky than I do in my entire body! You have to visit her web site and see her Halloween Line at Etsy! Vanessa also hosts a Mad Tea Party that will make you feel like you really are Allison in Wonderland!! I think her photos and art from her party are the most wonderful thing I have EVER seen on the internet. NO JOKE!





Join Vanessa’s Halloween Blog Party on October 18th.

Then get ready for mine on the 22nd! Lots of parting going on this month!


Another great site I have already told you about, but wanted to feature again is One Pretty Thing and her Halloween Roundups. You could spend hours going through all the great things she’s found. 

Look at this old doll stuffed with lights! Spooooky! I like making these mummies for kid parties too.


I also love this round up find… Canned Halloween Monstrosities!! Click the photo for directions. Then print Love Manor’s Potion Labels and you’re all set. I think a baby doll head or foot would be pretty creepy too! ha!


Little Ant Design is having a ghoulish giveaway from Tim Turner, owner of The Goulish Gallery.  One lucky reader will win a haunted masterpiece – a 16×20 changing portrait of their choice. Go here to learn more about this contest.

I love these! I just bought a couple of cheap changing portraits, but would love to win a large nice one from Tim Turner. This one really creeps me out… Meet Little Edna! 


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Friday Feature- Favorite Artists – 8.29.08

29 08 2008

One of my dreams is to paint. I used to paint, many, many moons ago. Maybe when the kids are older and say, “Oh mom, you’re so old and embarrassing!” Then I’ll have a reason to poor out my old, withered soul in a painting. Since I don’t have any (good) paintings of my own, I’d like to feature a few artists who will provide you something beautiful to look at today!

Amanda Dunbar is one of my favorite artists. You can view her work here.

Person of the Week

I first saw Amanda on Oprah when she was 13 years old on one of those amazing kid episodes. She had a great story about taking an art class and amazing her teacher and parents with her gift. Apparently Amanda had never painted before, but was able to create an impressionistic painting on her first attempt. She says she was guided by angels. I was excited to find out this little girl lived in my home town! We eventually ended up buying several of her paintings and enjoy them very much. I used to see her at Blockbuster and even took a hip hop dance class with her at the gym. That was so strange, shaking it next to a girl who’s been compared to Monet and Renoir! I wonder if Claude ever busta move? 

Amanda’s latest project is creating Swarovski Crystal encrusted guitars called Precious Rebels. These playable works of art sell from $15,000 to $75,000. Aren’t these awesome? I wish I played guitar. I wish I had $15,000+ lying around too! 

Copywright 2008 Amanda Dunbar, LLC    Photos via ABC News and Amanda Dunbar, LLC




A fun artist I discovered through blogging is Fifi at Fifi Flowers Design.

She can create a whimsical original painting from any photo. I would love for her to paint my house or garden. Or maybe one of my favorite vacation pics from Italy or Paris? Oh, I could decorate my daughter’s big girl room with some paintings! Fifi, I’m contacting you when I finally figure out what I want you to paint. It might be a while though, I have a hard time making decisions! ugh. 

Copywright 2008 Fifi Flower Designs 

If you have a favorite artist, leave a comment and let me know. As I’m held up in my home with preschoolers and in need of some culture!

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Friday Feature- Crafty Journals – 8.22.08

22 08 2008
Today is my Friday Feature, but I HAD to interject with a comment on Gwen Stefani’s new baby boy’s name… Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale!
What?? Isn’t that a drink… oh no that’s Zima. Well, maybe they will call him Rock. Or “Z”. Please, not Zuma Nesta. I LOVE me some Gwen Stefani, but not loving the baby name.
We like to name my daughter’s baby dolls weird celebrity baby names. She has new twin dolls that we’ll have to name Zuma and Zahara they can be little sisters to her baby Apple Suri and baby Shiloh. hee. hee.
Okay here is Friday’s Feature… Have a Zima this weekend and enjoy!
This is an easy journal craft I did with my MOPS group:
Materials Needed
• Spiral Notebook
• Scrapbook Paper
• Stickers
• Glue
• Ribbon or Material
Glue paper to the cover and decorate. Cut strips of fabric or use ribbon to tie around the wire of a spiral notebook. Make sure to fill the spaces so you can’t see the wire. Walla! An easy home-made journal.
Not a crafty person? Check out these ultra cool journals made with recycled hardcover books. So fun!

Larry's Racing Machine recycled book blank journal

Steve McQueen Star on Wheels recycled book blank journalrecycled book blank journal with woman in gown positive negative image on cover

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Friday Feature- 80’s Stickers- 8.15.08

15 08 2008

In celebration of my new banner. I will feature something I loved from the 80’s.

One of my most exciting trips each summer was with my Aunt Tricia to the teacher store. She would get her class supplies, while I took in the smell of the store (it just smelled like school) and gawked at all the stickers. Stickers were my passion back then! ha. Smelly stickers were of course my favorite.

On another one of my mom’s visits, she brought my sticker collection. (That of course I had forgot all about.) A shoe box full of 80’s stickers! Everything from The Gremlins, E.T., Star Wars and Strawberry Shortcake. Most of them I would not dare stick on anything, they were too pretty. Especially the scratch and sniff ones. So they are all still in good shape. Imagine my surprise when I searched ebay and discovered people are collecting 80’s scratch & sniff stickers! Some of the sheets are going for $15 and up. I can see why, they are totally cute and still smell really good… especially the dill pickle and pizza!

I love Bubble Dog’s Scratch and Sniff sticker collection. All the stickers I always wanted on a web site! If you are interested in going back in time for a bit click here.

Check out these Apple Computer stickers from the 80’s. The photo on the right are stickers from posters I used to by through the Weekly Reader at school. They had silly sayings on them. The sillier the better when you’re 10.

Did you collect something when you were a kid? Anything 80’s? Please share!

Friday Feature – Vintage Children’s Records – 8.08.08

8 08 2008

My mom loves to collect things. Her hobby is the small antique booth she maintains in Oklahoma. She saved pretty much everything from my childhood! I’m always surprised with something neat when she comes to visit. So for many of my Friday Features, I’ll share with you something from my 70’s and 80’s collection. I’ve got some great things! And now, I can’t bear to part with them either. Thanks Mom.

This last weekend, she brought my children’s record collection. The last time she visited, she brought my 80’s record player that I saved for practically a year to buy! ha. It’s a piece of technology that my husband can actually use. I have often come home to find him and the kids listening to Barry Manilow (his favorite!) or Hall and Oats (gotta luv Private Eyes– they see your every move!)

Check out these great covers. I need to frame them. A few records were warped, but most are in mint condition. They have brought back some happy memories.

My son has really enjoyed listening to the books and stories.

He thinks it’s cool I was into Super Heros too. Wonder Woman was the best! Remember Underoos? You know you had some!

I have no idea if these are worth anything or not? I did a Google search and found Peter Muldavin who is a collector who has over 12,000 vintage children’s records. He sells CDs and MP3s of old records, check out his music library page… it’s so cool!! WARNING, you might spend a lot of time going through each record like I did. My son is going to LOVE this web site. I’m going to make him listen to “Manners Can Be Fun” over and over.

What do you have in your collection? Anything you kept from your childhood? Please leave a comment and share.

Friday Feature – Kid Crafts – 8.1.08

31 07 2008
This is a day early- but the family is coming for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I’ve got lots to do tomorrow!

It’s 103° in Texas. The pool is like a hot tub. What can you do different inside with kids? Here are some craft ideas that you could try this weekend:

Martha Stewart’s Animal Puppet Kit

I found this puppet kit at Walmart for about $12. You could make your own with lunch bags, scrapbook paper, glue sticks, markers & cotton balls. 


Spin Art

Create your own art with a salad spinner. My son who is not into drawing or crafts. Loves doing this!






Photos and instructions from the Brassy Apple.



Plum Pudding has some great ideas on what to do with your spin art. Check out her other crafts too! So cute.


Recycled Mini Books

I love this project by art teacher Kathy Barbro.  It’s great to do with preschoolers, plus it teaches them to recycle.


Tissue Paper Flowers

These are always fun and easy!

• Cut a few pieces (about 4-6) of tissue paper about 8 x 10 inches (the exact size doesn’t matter).

• Put the paper in a pile and fold it like an accordion fan then round the edges with sissors.

• Tie the center of the folded paper with a green pipe cleaner (or twist tie).

• Gently pull each piece of paper towards the top center of the flower, separating each sheet of paper from the others (forming the petals of the flower).