Fun Fall Tutorials

8 10 2008

Party Coasters

This is an easy idea for party favors or a do it yourself gift. For one Halloween party, I made a bunch of coasters with previous guests in costumes. Everyone had fun looking at the costumes, then took theirs home as a favor.



  • Get some mouse pad type coasters or a kit like this.
  • Size your photos/design to fit, then print with iron on transfer paper.
  • Make sure to flip your image so it irons on correctly. This is especially important if your design contains text. 
  • Cut to size.
  • Iron on your image.
  • Let cool and trim extra around the edge. 


No Sew Pumpkin

A fellow MOPS mom and super crafty gal, Nikki at Whimsy Love, has a great tutorial about these adorable fabric pumpkins! Go HERE to see details on how to make one. I’ve got lots of extra fabric just waiting for me to wrap around a toilet paper roll! How cute! Thanks Nikki!!!



My friend Bella is having a GIVEAWAY!

Go leave a comment on her site to win. Tell her your favorite post about my site and get 2 entries!! Winners are announced Friday.


Check out my Witchy Porch Post!

I’ve got links to other blog parties here too:-) Join in on the fun!



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Spooktacular Halloween Friday – 10.03.08

3 10 2008

This month each Friday Feature will be about something wonderful I’ve found for Halloween. Enjoy!

Do something fun this year and host a Pumpkin Party! Check out DecoArt’s Pumpkin Painting Idea Center. They have over 40 adorable ideas.

Then download my Pumpkin Party Invitation and let the fun begin!

Download this FREE Pumpkin Party Invitation

Don’t forget my Halloween Owl Tags for the goodie bags:-)


Another FREE download you have to get this Halloween is Love Manor’s Potion Labels. These are so cool! I’m excited because I usually have to make these myself. Now I can just download them and print at home. Thanks Johnny Love! You’ve inspired me to make a jar of eyeballs, just so I can use your label:-)


Potion Ingredients LabelPotion Ingredients Label


Potion Ingredients LabelPotion Ingredients Label



A magical artist I just discovered is Vanessa at A fanciful Twist.

Vanessa has more talent in her pinky than I do in my entire body! You have to visit her web site and see her Halloween Line at Etsy! Vanessa also hosts a Mad Tea Party that will make you feel like you really are Allison in Wonderland!! I think her photos and art from her party are the most wonderful thing I have EVER seen on the internet. NO JOKE!





Join Vanessa’s Halloween Blog Party on October 18th.

Then get ready for mine on the 22nd! Lots of parting going on this month!


Another great site I have already told you about, but wanted to feature again is One Pretty Thing and her Halloween Roundups. You could spend hours going through all the great things she’s found. 

Look at this old doll stuffed with lights! Spooooky! I like making these mummies for kid parties too.


I also love this round up find… Canned Halloween Monstrosities!! Click the photo for directions. Then print Love Manor’s Potion Labels and you’re all set. I think a baby doll head or foot would be pretty creepy too! ha!


Little Ant Design is having a ghoulish giveaway from Tim Turner, owner of The Goulish Gallery.  One lucky reader will win a haunted masterpiece – a 16×20 changing portrait of their choice. Go here to learn more about this contest.

I love these! I just bought a couple of cheap changing portraits, but would love to win a large nice one from Tim Turner. This one really creeps me out… Meet Little Edna! 


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Giant Pumpkin Display

2 10 2008

This is my all time favorite time of the year. I can’t wait to visit a pumpkin patch. I wish I lived near this guy’s house!

Check out Ed Moody’s house in Frankfort, Michigan. 

These are REAL pumpkins! 

Last year Ed’s display attracted in excess of 15,000 people and well over 1,000 trick-or-treaters.


Ed started to carve pumpkins when he was about 6 years old. He didn’t start sculpting smaller pumpkins until 15 years ago and graduated to giant pumpkins 7 years ago when his 5 year dream of carving a Cinderella pumpkin came true with his purchase of a 590 lb. pumpkin. He is now known for his Cinderella carriage pumpkin every year.

See more photos at


Here is my little pumpkin a few years ago! Awwww…


Look at her now!! 

Like the jeans? I hot glued this ribbon on them:-) Too cute! That is her new Mini Mouse that has to go EVERYWHERE now. Guess what she’ll be for Halloween??? Starts with an M and rhymes with house.



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Witchy Porch

29 09 2008

I had fun getting the Halloween decorations out this weekend! Right now, they are still strung all over my house. I had more fun going through them than actually decorating… I forgot how much stuff I had! 

I did get my front porch nice and witchy though.


Isn’t this wreath adorable? TJ Max people! I added the ribbon which was half off at Hobby Lobby. Gotta love deals:-)


Check out my pumpkin witch!! I love her! I’m sure my kids will rip off the hat, eyes and nose many times. I had to shut them inside while I made this. She might have to go in the garden bird bath, away from toddler temptations.

Inspired by Country Living’s Pumpkin Chic book.


***Don’t forget to start thinking about fun ideas to show at my Halloween Blog Party. It won’t be long until we have those 13 days of frightful fun!!!***


It’s a PARTY:

  • Jen over at Santuary Arts at Home is hosting a Pretty your Pumpkin Party on October 8th!! Head over there and show her your pumpkins and Halloween decorations.
  • Kimba at A Soft Place to Land is having a Halloween Party on October 6th. Join in on the fun!
  • I found my Halloween Soul Mate, Alexa at The Swell Life! She’s a also a graphic designer, unorganized, a Libra, chocaholic and has a black cat. We’re almost twins! ha. I’m excited about her Terrorific Tuesdays and want to spread the news. If you have a fun Halloween project, let her know and she’ll link to it on Tuesdays. Check out her site for more info and some cool crafty ideas.




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Halloween Tag – Free Download

18 09 2008

Have you noticed owls are everywhere now? I love them! I’m planning a pumpkin carving party in October for a few neighborhood kids and designed a cute owl tag for goodie bags. Thought I would share with you all to use at home!

Download Tags Here

I always love to find digital scrapbook kits! In honor of Halloween, I thought I would create my very first kit! I hope you enjoy it! You can go to my new web site to download the entire kit. (my blog won’t let me attach zip files)

Halloween Scrapbook Kit


• 5”x7” card

• large gift tags

• 3 scrapbook cut outs

• orange swirl paper

• spots on black paper

***Click here to download the entire kit.***

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To add the blue one to your side bar, copy and paste this code:

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<a href=”; target=”_blank”>

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New Halloween Book

13 09 2008

Move over Martha… Matthew Mead has a great new Halloween magazine and let me tell you… there are some really creative ideas! It’s called

Matthew Mead Halloween Tricks and Treats.

Mr. Mead is so talented. I’ve seen his work in Country Home and always impressed. Check out the carrots in the candle sticks. They have little eye balls on them! How fun are those? 

This is a must get for all you Halloween Freaks like me:-) Guess what? You have a chance to win this book! Click on over to Restyled Home to get the details and enter. 


You should know by now that I LOVE free downloads!

Check out these awesome Halloween Templates from Matthew Mead. Get the magazine in stores now to see some great ways to use these. The way he decorated the ghost garland is adorable.


After you buy (or win) this book, post your creations and join my blog party in October!

You could win some fun prizes!

October 22-31st

Click Here for Party Details



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Want to see what I just did to my front porch? Click here for some Fall inspiration.


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Friday Feature – Kid’s Halloween Costumes – 9.12.08

12 09 2008

Martha Stewart’s Halloween workshop started this week. I’ve been getting emails with new ideas every day! I’m getting very excited for October!

Now is the time to think about costumes. If you buy them, you need to start looking soon before all the good ones are sold out. To help you with your shopping, I’ll feature some of the costumes I have found. Some are so cute, and some are so weird!

Here are the really cute ones for little people:

I would LOVE to put my daughter in one of those above, but it’s usually way too hot here in Texas to dress that warm. Maybe we’ll get a cold spell. I couldn’t decide on which one though!

Here are my favorite ideas for girls. I’m always up for a cute witch costume. The little Red Riding Hood would be easy to make at home with clothes we already have. 




My pick for boys… 



And now for the weird ones. ha! The baby ones are still cute, but of all the things you could dress up as… why would you choose food?

Just what every kid wants to be for Halloween right? And of course we all want to pay $90 at Pottery Barn Kids for these lovely costumes! Okay, maybe the fries are cute with the ketchup bag. But no way would my son want to wear this. You know these little models are thinking the same thing! I’m sure the art director was saying “Okay kids, please just try to look like you are so happy in these dumb costumes!”


I have to admit… this one is pretty funny!! I wonder if it smells? 


I’m a Dutch girl, I have real wooden shoes, but this is just plain weird… what’s with that hat? Ha!  Please, tell me you don’t own a Teletubbie costume!! 


I saved the best for last. I have to admit, I kind of like this! What boy wouldn’t want to be a potty? Think of all the fun things they could say all night! ha!


I don’t know why I even bother trying to come up with different costume ideas for my son. I know he’ll just want to be one of these:


Since Batman is his favorite, I’m sure my kids will end up trick or treating in these costumes.


Here are the sites where I found the costumes pictured above: &   


For those who prefer home-made costumes, I found the cutest girl costumes on Etsy!!! OMG! These are too cute! Please click the photos if you are interested and give these talented moms some business. They each have plenty more costumes.


Yaya Papaya has THE most adorable costumes I’ve ever seen! 


Alright, so now that I’ve given you some ideas you’re ready to go on your Halloween costume hunt. 

Make sure to come back in October for my Halloween Blog Party and have a chance to win fun prizes!

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