The biggest hair wins!!

1 10 2008

Thanks to everyone who participated in my BIG 80’s Hair Contest! Now remember ladies, we are laughing with you, not at you! ha ha ha!

stevemason 80s hair picture

Get ready to go back in time…

Can you hear Bonjovi now? If not, take a look at this big hair of the 80’s video. The hair photos start about a minute into it. Rock on!   No… I don’t know the big haired family above. I think they go down in the biggest hair hall of fame though! ha! Is that a little boy or girl???

Scroll down to view the contestants and the final winner!!

Tina from my MOPS group. This first photo cracks me up! When I asked Tina if she had big 80’s hair, she replied “They didn’t call me the wall for nothing!” ha!

Oh… I had a green metallic dress just like this! I really like your hair here… not ugly 80’s at all:-)

Tina my friend from college.

She had the biggest hair of us all by far!! She can’t win though because this photo was from the 90’s!! ha. Yes, we still tease her to this day about it. I’m on the far left and my bangs are still pretty high several years after the big hair fad, so I can’t tease too much:-)

Below are fellow bloggers. Please visit their sites to see what they look like now!

Some bloggers you may already know, like this pretty mama…

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

She was rocking that perm!!! ha!

Cheryl @ Down in the Bog

I think she was ultra cool back in the day! Cheryl, you’re the only one without a perm… so you were way ahead of your time:-)

Michelle @ The Adventures of Supermom

I had many friends who had this hair! ha. What amazes me is what you look like now compared to this photo! Your face looks exactly the same, but the hair, not so much.




Dot @ Dot’s Spot

Wow! Look at those tight curls!! I love that dark red hair! You look the exact same now, just minus the perm:-)

Angie @ The Arthur Clan

OMG! Angie, your hair is not the biggest, but it sure made me laugh the hardest!!! ha! The funniest, was her son looked at the pictures and said “Look at that funny boy!”  and then (even better) “That funny boy is wearing a dress!”  Hysterical:-)

Susan @ Blessed Nonetheless

This was one of her beautiful model shots. I think she’s making us all look bad:-)

Just in case you missed my big hair photo…

And now for the winners…

Yes! There are two winners!! I just couldn’t decide. So both of you lovely big haired ladies get some Starbucks on me.

Bella @ Bella Casa

These bangs are so high, it looks like you sort of have a mohawk!! Love the glasses… I had them in white! ha. The future’s so bright… I gotta wear shades. (80’s song reference for you young ones:-)


This hair you had going on as a bride’s maid has to be the biggest thing!! Oh, and it was swooped to one side. ha!

Here she is on the far left. Classic 80’s group hair! ha.

These guys look like they are from Karate Kid!! She was a black eyed pea, but the drug store developed the film backwards. Remember film people? Now this is some BIG hair!!! It’s not only tall, but WIDE! ha!

Bella and KayVonne please email me your address and I’ll get your gift card in the mail.

Again, thanks to all of you for making my Wednesday so much fun!!!

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27 09 2008

Ever since my first trip to Europe in the late 90’s, I have been in love with Greek food! We were in Amsterdam, of all places, where all we ate was Greek! ha. The feta, the olives, the spinach. I don’t know how to pronounce all the things I love, but they are so tasty. So, I’m very excited to celebrate my birthday at the local Greekfest this weekend. The food is a plenty, let me tell ya!

Besides all the food, you get to experience some of the Greek culture. Cooking instructions, music and kids from Greek school doing their dances. Scenes right out of one of my favorite movies! 

I’ll also be getting out the Halloween decorations. Fun! As you probably noticed, my web site design has changed for the season. Download my free scrapbook kit to create your own Halloween header!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Don’t forget to look for your BIG 80’s hair photos! You have until Tuesday to enter to win a Starbucks gift card. 



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Birthday “Big Hair” Contest

24 09 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Since it’s my day and I loved the 80’s. Why not have some fun with everyone?

I’m giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card to the person with the BIGGEST and FUNNIEST 80’s hair!!! You will also get a personalized award to put on your blog!

Email me your photo and I will post them online with a link to your site on Wednesday, October 1st. You don’t need a web site to enter… only really high HAIR. Whether you were 5 or 35 back in the day, you probably had big hair!

Bring on the perms, hairspray and scrunchies… join in on the birthday fun!!

Entries are DUE by Tuesday the 30th. Send your 80’s hair photo to:

Here is a little something to inspire you. Recognize this birthday girl? Whoa! Now that is some big hair!! ha!


The winner was announced! Check out the big haired mamas!!


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Friday Feature- 80’s Stickers- 8.15.08

15 08 2008

In celebration of my new banner. I will feature something I loved from the 80’s.

One of my most exciting trips each summer was with my Aunt Tricia to the teacher store. She would get her class supplies, while I took in the smell of the store (it just smelled like school) and gawked at all the stickers. Stickers were my passion back then! ha. Smelly stickers were of course my favorite.

On another one of my mom’s visits, she brought my sticker collection. (That of course I had forgot all about.) A shoe box full of 80’s stickers! Everything from The Gremlins, E.T., Star Wars and Strawberry Shortcake. Most of them I would not dare stick on anything, they were too pretty. Especially the scratch and sniff ones. So they are all still in good shape. Imagine my surprise when I searched ebay and discovered people are collecting 80’s scratch & sniff stickers! Some of the sheets are going for $15 and up. I can see why, they are totally cute and still smell really good… especially the dill pickle and pizza!

I love Bubble Dog’s Scratch and Sniff sticker collection. All the stickers I always wanted on a web site! If you are interested in going back in time for a bit click here.

Check out these Apple Computer stickers from the 80’s. The photo on the right are stickers from posters I used to by through the Weekly Reader at school. They had silly sayings on them. The sillier the better when you’re 10.

Did you collect something when you were a kid? Anything 80’s? Please share!

Friday Feature – Vintage Children’s Records – 8.08.08

8 08 2008

My mom loves to collect things. Her hobby is the small antique booth she maintains in Oklahoma. She saved pretty much everything from my childhood! I’m always surprised with something neat when she comes to visit. So for many of my Friday Features, I’ll share with you something from my 70’s and 80’s collection. I’ve got some great things! And now, I can’t bear to part with them either. Thanks Mom.

This last weekend, she brought my children’s record collection. The last time she visited, she brought my 80’s record player that I saved for practically a year to buy! ha. It’s a piece of technology that my husband can actually use. I have often come home to find him and the kids listening to Barry Manilow (his favorite!) or Hall and Oats (gotta luv Private Eyes– they see your every move!)

Check out these great covers. I need to frame them. A few records were warped, but most are in mint condition. They have brought back some happy memories.

My son has really enjoyed listening to the books and stories.

He thinks it’s cool I was into Super Heros too. Wonder Woman was the best! Remember Underoos? You know you had some!

I have no idea if these are worth anything or not? I did a Google search and found Peter Muldavin who is a collector who has over 12,000 vintage children’s records. He sells CDs and MP3s of old records, check out his music library page… it’s so cool!! WARNING, you might spend a lot of time going through each record like I did. My son is going to LOVE this web site. I’m going to make him listen to “Manners Can Be Fun” over and over.

What do you have in your collection? Anything you kept from your childhood? Please leave a comment and share.