17 09 2008

Beep! Beep! Okay, that’s what we’ve been hearing all night. Yaaaawwwwn. We have 11, yes 11 fire alarms. 10 of them are beeping. It’s like 10 little birds have snuck in the house. We changed all the batteries, took all the batteries out, turned off the power (they were still going off), reset them all and still, Beep! I’m waiting now until it’s late enough in the morning to call an electrician. Don’t know what else to do. I hope someone can come out today, otherwise I may have to get the hammer out. My husband says I’m being impatient, yeah, as he’s walking out the door to sit in his quiet, beep free office:-)

Okay, I don’t want to bore you any longer with my beeping story. I want to talk about husbands!!!

Last night, a friend turned the big 4-0! Her very sweet husband planned a surprise party. While a neighbor took her and the kids to dinner, he cleaned the entire house and made the best fondue ever with strawberries, angel food cake and bananas! An entire house full of people showed up and the surprise was a success. We couldn’t believe it because she’s not one to pull the wool over her eyes. The first thing she said, was “OMG, the house was a mess when I left!” ha! I assured her that it was spic and span when I got there. Her husband spent the night stirring the fondue and taking photos of everyone. Then to top it all off, later he pulled a giant chocolate cake out of the fridge! He even put candles on it! I was shocked at his attention to detail:-) It was a great night and he was beaming because he’d pulled it off. The men in the house were not too thrilled to have to live up to his greatness… ha! Happy Birthday Kim! You’re one lucky gal.

So ladies, I want to hear your stories about something great your husband has done for you. Can you top this?

Because of all the beeping, all I can think of right now is that my husband tried his very best to turn those alarms off last night, he was up way past his bedtime. 


Alright… fast forward several hours after the electrician fixed the alarms. Yeah!!! Now I can think! I haven’t had a party planned for me, but my hubby does lots of little things everyday. Besides keeping our yard looking beautiful, no joke ladies, this is what he does each Saturday:

  1. takes out all trash
  2. does everyone’s laundry
  3. washes dishes and puts away clean ones from the dishwasher
  4. fixes anything that needs fixing
  5. plays with the kids so I can run errands
I’d say acts of service is definitely his love language! I also get chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day too:-)


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Turning 2 is Sweet!

23 07 2008

It’s hard to believe my baby will be turning 2 soon. I have been crazy busy with work and being a mom lately, but I did manage to squeeze in time to design her birthday party invitation. I had to cut down this feather boa ribbon for it to fit through the punch holes and now I have tiny pink feathers floating all over my kitchen. (sniff… sniff) I think a feather just floated up my nose!! Luckily I only had to make a few.

click invite to enlarge

We are having two of her friends over for a dress up tea party. It’s going to be such a fun time with feather boas, shoes, jewelry, hats and bags. I just bought some girly pink fabric to decorate the tiny tea table and bows to put around the chairs. I’m excited to do a party theme that is not superhero, cars or trains. Little girls are so sweet!