State Fair of Texas

9 10 2008

One of my all time favorite things to do in the fall is visit the State Fair. Yesterday was dollar day if you brought canned goods.  I was all about that! IMG_2214 by you.

We had a mommy and daughter day. No boys allowed!  It was nice taking our time and having girly fun. 

I had to laugh at how calm she was at the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit. I’m so used to my son running through everything like it’s a race.  We’ll have to go back and ride the wild rides with my son and husband later. This day was all about the animals and food!

IMG_2241 by you.

IMG_2245 by you.

IMG_2255 by you.


The Back Yard Circus.

IMG_2395 by you.

My little one sat up front with her friends. I was so annoyed at a girl who sat next to my daughter. She had a giant piece of cotton candy. When she would run out, she would go back to her mom and get more. I was waiting for my daughter to throw a fit that she didn’t have any. I mean, it was candy and PINK her favorite. 

Cotton Candy Temptation by you.


Mmmm... She has cotton candy! by you.

She’s giving her the eye. The big girl is NOT giving in to her stare.

Cotton Candy Temptation by you.

No crying! Thankfully the show started and there was more to look at than pink cotton candy.

Watching the Lions by you.

On our way to look at the animals!

Miss Cool by you.Cooling Off by you.


This guy weighs 1200 lbs!

Boris the Giant Pig by you.

IMG_2294 by you.

Girls Rule! 

iThe girls by you.

Speaking of pigs… I made it my mission to try as many fried foods as my stomach would allow!! I was glad to have my friend Toby to help me eat all these goodies! Yeah, we made his wife sick:-)

Mmmmm.. Chicken Fried Bacon. Can you say heart attack??

Chicken Fried Bacon! by you.

My favorite! Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough covered in chocolate, powdered sugar and nuts!

Deep Fried Choc. Chip Cookie Dough by you.

Deep Fried Choc. Chip Cookie Dough by you.

Waffle Balls!!!

Strawberries dipped in waffle batter, deep fried, then dipped in chocolate and deep fried again!

Waffle Balls! by you.

More Yummy Food!

Chips! by you.Candy Apples by you.Spicy Corny Dogs by you.Fresh lemonade by you.


Other fun stuff… 

Little Tex by you.Snakes at the fair by you.

Giant Pumpkin Carving by you.Swings by you.

Sand Sculpture by you.


Check out my Flickr page for more State Fair pics. I took way too many!

Big Tex


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Fun Fall Tutorials

8 10 2008

Party Coasters

This is an easy idea for party favors or a do it yourself gift. For one Halloween party, I made a bunch of coasters with previous guests in costumes. Everyone had fun looking at the costumes, then took theirs home as a favor.



  • Get some mouse pad type coasters or a kit like this.
  • Size your photos/design to fit, then print with iron on transfer paper.
  • Make sure to flip your image so it irons on correctly. This is especially important if your design contains text. 
  • Cut to size.
  • Iron on your image.
  • Let cool and trim extra around the edge. 


No Sew Pumpkin

A fellow MOPS mom and super crafty gal, Nikki at Whimsy Love, has a great tutorial about these adorable fabric pumpkins! Go HERE to see details on how to make one. I’ve got lots of extra fabric just waiting for me to wrap around a toilet paper roll! How cute! Thanks Nikki!!!



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Home Tour – Front Porch

8 09 2008

One of my weekend projects was to clean my front porch. Well, I went a little nuts. One minute I was sweeping my  steps, then the next I was re-arranging furniture in my dining and living room! I think the new season of Top Design got me inspired to simplify my rooms. So I thought I would give you a house tour to show my semi-new digs. Plus, it’s always fun to see someone else’s house right?

I’ll show off my front porch today, because I did spend a lot of time cleaning it up and getting ready for Fall. What flowers I did have outside were all dead. It was so ugly and dusty!! I don’t know why I didn’t take a before picture? I never think ahead for this bloggy stuff.

Instead of a wreath, I decided on this for the door. I found some great plants on sale! I love that! This needs to be a little bigger. So I’m still on the hunt for some good vines. But for now, it will have to do.

Look at this shinny door! For the second time in 8 years, I washed the door AND the windows.

Ready to come inside?


Sorry, you’ll have to come back tomorrow!!! I’m such a tease… Hope to see you then! 


Can’t wait? Then, check out my home office and garden.


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    Feature Friday – Fall Crafts – 9.5.08

    4 09 2008

    I have high hopes of taking time to be crafty this Fall. Here are a few things on my list to make.

    Pretty Wreath

    My door is dark wood. It’s always a challenge to get something to stand out. Maybe if the ribbon is really bright orange it will work. Love the feathers. I can only use these outside… Rocky LOVES to eat feathers then proceed to throw up on my rug. A favorite pastime of my cat.

    Twig wreath with dried flowers and pheasant feathers

    Halloween Tree

    These are stickers on the ornaments. What a cute idea!

    Holiday d�cor piece tree with ornaments Holiday d�cor piece tree with ornaments

    Halloween Lampshade

    girl with scary eyes picture

    What You Need
    • Lampshade
    • Sheet crepe paper: orange and black
    • 1-inch-diameter circle punch
    • Orange construction paper
    • Crafts glue
    How to Make It
    1. Cut 2- and 3-inch-wide strips of orange and black crepe paper long enough to fit around the lampshade.
    2. Fold each strip lengthwise, and using scissors, cut slits 1/2 inch apart to make the fringe.
    3. Glue the fringes in place on the shade.
    4. Punch orange paper circles and adhere to the shade with glue.

    Use double-sided tape instead of crafts glue if you plan to use the lampshade post-Halloween.

    Ideas and photos via Better Homes & Gardens


    Check out my personal photos to get inspired for Fall!


    What crafts are you are planning to make for Fall?

    Leave a comment and let me know about your plans!


    Want more Halloween craft ideas? Check out Rachel’s Halloween Roundups at One Pretty Thing


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    Fall Inspiration

    3 09 2008

    Fall is near and the parties have already begun!

    Not only are you invited to my first ever Halloween Blog Party, but also invited to join Melissa at the Inspired Room for Fall Nesting Week!

    I’m excited to participate in Melissa’s Fall Nesting Week. There are some great ideas on her site. I don’t want to give away all of my Halloween ideas just yet, so here are some photos that make me happy and I hope will inspire you to get ready for the upcoming season.

    Easy Centerpiece

    I love antique glasses! You could use any type of pretty glassses, small vases and plates. I need to get some green candles though. I just whipped this together tonight! I have loads of candy corn. It’s my favorite Halloween decor!! The small turkeys are mini salt and pepper shakers.

    Outdoor Inspiration

    I hope you enjoy my garden as much as me!

    Just kidding!!!! I only wish that was my garden. ha! This is just a tiny section of our beautiful Dallas Arboretum. My garden is great, but missing rows of pumpkins and basically blooming flowers right now:-( Check back in a few weeks, I might just get it looking like this.

    Favorite Rituals

    In Texas, we don’t get “real” fall weather until Thanksgiving. I have a leaf jumping party for the kids in December! Besides our Halloween party, leaf jumping is my other favorite ritual.

    Halloween Fun

    What a spooktacular tree! I took this photo at my favorite local pumpkin patch.

    A pumpkin house! What will they think of next?

    Babies and pumpkins always make me happy! My baby girl at 1 month old.

    The same spot at 1 year old! Look at all that orange! Are you ready for fall now?

    My cat, Rocky Balboa, loves getting in on the Halloween spirit and can’t wait to see you at the blog party!

    Did you participate in Fall Nesting Week?  If you so, please leave a comment. I’d love to meet you!!


    October 22-31st

    Click Here for Party Details

    Like my Halloween Invite? It’s a photo of my party table a few years ago. The cookie cake was a big hit!

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    Looking forward to Fall

    13 08 2008

    We finally got a break from the 102° heat last night! We actually stepped outside and even went bike riding!! Our neighbors were shocked! They thought we had left for the summer.

    This change in climate got me thinking about my favorite season…  FALL!!  School, Halloween, pumpkin spiced candles, football, cool weather, MOPS, sweaters and boots, State Fair of Texas, Thanksgiving, leaf jumping, but best of all my shows start up again!! Sad huh? 
    How I’ve missed you three:
    1. LOST (Bummer… this doesn’t start until early 2009!)
    2. Heroes (Sept. 15th)
    In the first three minutes one of the lead heroes is going to shoot one of the other lead heroes! Lots of new villains too.
    3. 30 Rock (Oct. 30th)
    The funniest show on TV! 
    Sorry Grey’s Anatomy, you got bumped off the top 3. I’m over you!
    And new to the list until LOST comes back:
    90210 (Sept. 2nd)
    You’d better be so bad you’re good.  Oh, and don’t forget trashy!
    I heard Kelly (Jennie Garth) is coming back as the high school counselor. Brenda (Shannen Doherty) is also coming back.  Dylan better show up too. I don’t care about the new cast, I want to see the old ones. I’m sure they will only make brief appearances, but that’s still fun. The rumor is Tori Spelling is mad she’s not getting paid the same amount as the other girls, so she’s not in. Whatever. Donna was boring anyway. Hello? Anyone still reading this??? Or am I the only nut that loved this show?


    What are you looking forward to this fall?
    Fantasy football like my husband, maybe visiting family or sipping hot apple cider?
    Are you a LOST or Heroes geek like me? I hope so!! They are confusing shows. I need someone to discuss them with instead of listening to podcasts of other geeks talk about them:-) I want my own geek conversation. ha!