Halloween Tag – Free Download

18 09 2008

Have you noticed owls are everywhere now? I love them! I’m planning a pumpkin carving party in October for a few neighborhood kids and designed a cute owl tag for goodie bags. Thought I would share with you all to use at home!

Download Tags Here

I always love to find digital scrapbook kits! In honor of Halloween, I thought I would create my very first kit! I hope you enjoy it! You can go to my new web site to download the entire kit. (my blog won’t let me attach zip files)

Halloween Scrapbook Kit


• 5”x7” card

• large gift tags

• 3 scrapbook cut outs

• orange swirl paper

• spots on black paper

***Click here to download the entire kit.***

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Make it Bigger!

14 08 2008

I have a client in the manufacturing and industrial industry. They make BIG things like this:


You can’t tell how REALLY BIG these things are from photos, they are pretty amazing in person. Since they make BIG things, they like their design to be BIG too. Today, I came across a website spoof about “make my logo bigger cream” and I laughed so hard I cried!!! If you aren’t a designer, sorry, you might not get it. Just so you know, graphic designers LOVE small type and clean spaces, meaning lots of white space. If you are a client reading this, I still love ya! I just can’t help making stuff small.:-)


It’s funny how I have somehow become this industrial design guru! Little ol’ crafty, girly me??  

Awesome Photos by Glenn Hadsall & Pete Lacker

Blog Design

27 06 2008

I’ve been trying to figure out how to customize the Word Press blog templates. You would think it would be easy for me, but I haven’t done any html code in a LONG time! I’ve got my web guru Matthew for that.

I’ve been having fun and just designed another custom blog header for my friend Stephanie. I think it’s cute… take a look.



My next goal is to master CSS and do custom designs for Word Press blogs. I’ll add that to my dreams list:-) At the rate I’m going, that might just be what it is. For now, I’ll stick with custom image header design.





Inspiration Needed Please

24 06 2008


Summer is here. Kids, laundry and toys are everywhere. Our A/C is out… It’s Texas, it’s HOT!!! I’m feeling a little non-creative again and in need of inspiration. Last week I made a nap mat for my baby girl and this week I’ve been playing around with this new blog site… but it’s making me frustrated. I’m used to doing everything on a Mac, which is so easy that I forget what it’s like to get out of my comfort zone!


Any who, back to my need for inspiration…

As a graphic designer, I’m inspired by all kinds of stuff. It can be a street sign that is all banged up, being around other artists or the design in a leaf as the light hits it. Sometimes, I just wake up with a complete idea in my head with no need for inspiration. Lately, all I am is hot and just want to be at the mall where it’s forever cold. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow and see what inspires me there. It’s always fun to look in window displays at upscale shops. I remember seeing a display in NYC with toast pinned all over the wall. My friends thought I was nuts for taking photos burnt toast and not even looking at the clothes. But all I cared about was what I could do with toast when I got home? How long does toast last anyway? I bet if you zoom in on toast, the texture is really cool. How many different shades of brown can toast be?

Mmmmmm???? Maybe I’ll go to Neiman’s this week… fashion is always inspiring, especially shoes! Ever been to Nordstrom’s shoe department at the Galleria? Now, that is inspiring! Oh yea, I’m already feeling a little less sweaty and getting excited for my adventure. I’ll have to make a stop at Sprinkles for a cupcake… just going in that store gives me some much needed inspiration! Too bad that type of inspiration will go to my butt and not my brain.:-) Oh well, I’ll just sweat it out later anyway.