27 09 2008

Ever since my first trip to Europe in the late 90’s, I have been in love with Greek food! We were in Amsterdam, of all places, where all we ate was Greek! ha. The feta, the olives, the spinach. I don’t know how to pronounce all the things I love, but they are so tasty. So, I’m very excited to celebrate my birthday at the local Greekfest this weekend. The food is a plenty, let me tell ya!

Besides all the food, you get to experience some of the Greek culture. Cooking instructions, music and kids from Greek school doing their dances. Scenes right out of one of my favorite movies! 

I’ll also be getting out the Halloween decorations. Fun! As you probably noticed, my web site design has changed for the season. Download my free scrapbook kit to create your own Halloween header!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Don’t forget to look for your BIG 80’s hair photos! You have until Tuesday to enter to win a Starbucks gift card. 



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Birthday “Big Hair” Contest

24 09 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Since it’s my day and I loved the 80’s. Why not have some fun with everyone?

I’m giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card to the person with the BIGGEST and FUNNIEST 80’s hair!!! You will also get a personalized award to put on your blog!

Email me your photo and I will post them online with a link to your site on Wednesday, October 1st. You don’t need a web site to enter… only really high HAIR. Whether you were 5 or 35 back in the day, you probably had big hair!

Bring on the perms, hairspray and scrunchies… join in on the birthday fun!!

Entries are DUE by Tuesday the 30th. Send your 80’s hair photo to:

Here is a little something to inspire you. Recognize this birthday girl? Whoa! Now that is some big hair!! ha!


The winner was announced! Check out the big haired mamas!!


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Fun with Photoshop and Hair

12 08 2008

I wanted to post something fun today. I love Photoshop and thought my readers would get a kick out of seeing what I take to my hair stylist. He gets excited to see what I’ll bring in each time! These aren’t the most perfect Photoshop renderings, but remember it was just for me. Not intended to be on a blog a year later.

Here is my original shot. (This is right after giving birth… so please excuse the puffiness!)

This is me on Meg Ryan’s head! I love her hair… mmm maybe with more layers I could look like this?

My hair is curly… let’s see what I’d look like if I didn’t cut layers, let it grow out and dry natural. You can see I’m playing around with going darker. No… I want something different.

How about going really short? Ewww… too round of head. Hair stylist agreed. I look like Melanie Griffith! ha! Maybe when I’m 50.

Just in case you were thinking… no I like this look. Check out the real person that goes with this head, actress Ashley Scott. Her long face and big gorgeous features make this cut look great. Now look back at mine and you’ll say ewwww too! ha.

So what was the verdict? I decided to keep the same cut and go brunette!! What a change. Yes, that’s me on the right with sis-in-law and silly nephew. It took forever to get back to my original color. So for now I’m staying blonde. One of these days I’ll go back to the dark side!

Pig Tails

2 07 2008

The hair is getting long! I love putting it up in pig tails.

One of my friends thinks she looks like Drew Barrymore in E.T. Maybe a little?