Weekly Update

30 06 2008

Here are photos of things I talked about last week.

First, I have to show a photo of the VBS (vacation bible school) performance. Mine is the only boy on the front row! He practiced his dance moves all week, but when it came down to perform for church this Sunday, he chickened out. Oh, well. I was just so excited to see him do this! Did I say he was on the front row? I still can’t believe it. He is getting a little more brave each day. (Although 10 minutes before this photo, a teacher had to pry him off my leg to get him to sit with his group. Ugh!) 

If you didn’t see my previous post, the final amount the VBS kids raised for providing clean water to our friends in Nigeria was close to $7,000!! Isn’t that amazing? Our church will use this money to build a well and buy more purification systems. 

So while our kids were saving people in Africa… I’m happy to say that I did go to an upscale shop for some design inspiration. (Seems sort of silly after writing about sick children in Africa!) But it was fun:-) Especially for someone who never goes shopping without someone whining or clinging to my leg!

Bright jewel toned colors are still hot, along with greens, animal print and purple. As usual, I was drawn to the animal prints. Check out these shoes ladies! 









If you see wall art or a web site I design with purple snake skin in the background, you’ll know where I got the inspiration. Yes… shoes!



Inspiration Needed Please

24 06 2008


Summer is here. Kids, laundry and toys are everywhere. Our A/C is out… It’s Texas, it’s HOT!!! I’m feeling a little non-creative again and in need of inspiration. Last week I made a nap mat for my baby girl and this week I’ve been playing around with this new blog site… but it’s making me frustrated. I’m used to doing everything on a Mac, which is so easy that I forget what it’s like to get out of my comfort zone!


Any who, back to my need for inspiration…

As a graphic designer, I’m inspired by all kinds of stuff. It can be a street sign that is all banged up, being around other artists or the design in a leaf as the light hits it. Sometimes, I just wake up with a complete idea in my head with no need for inspiration. Lately, all I am is hot and just want to be at the mall where it’s forever cold. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow and see what inspires me there. It’s always fun to look in window displays at upscale shops. I remember seeing a display in NYC with toast pinned all over the wall. My friends thought I was nuts for taking photos burnt toast and not even looking at the clothes. But all I cared about was what I could do with toast when I got home? How long does toast last anyway? I bet if you zoom in on toast, the texture is really cool. How many different shades of brown can toast be?

Mmmmmm???? Maybe I’ll go to Neiman’s this week… fashion is always inspiring, especially shoes! Ever been to Nordstrom’s shoe department at the Galleria? Now, that is inspiring! Oh yea, I’m already feeling a little less sweaty and getting excited for my adventure. I’ll have to make a stop at Sprinkles for a cupcake… just going in that store gives me some much needed inspiration! Too bad that type of inspiration will go to my butt and not my brain.:-) Oh well, I’ll just sweat it out later anyway.