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25 09 2008

I wanted to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes!! I was in bed most of the day since I had the stomach flu… yeah great present my kids gave me! It was great to wake up to see all the nice comments from yesterday:-) I can’t wait to see your 80’s hair!! Please don’t be chicken to send it, I mean common, didn’t you see my big head?? ha! If you missed the birthday contest go here, you could win a gift card if you enter!


Now I’m on the hunt for educational web sites. If you have a favorite, please put a link to it in the comments.

I stumbled upon a wonderful Alphabet web site called Bembo’s Zoo. The letters turn into animals! Your kids will love it.

Here are a few other great sites for kids:


The San Francisco Symphony (SFS) Kid’s Music Lab    

Find a ton of great sites at

What’s your favorite educational website for kids?



I just saw that the awesome mom at Rocks in my Dryer has a whole slew of great sites for kids. Check out this link…



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Why won’t he eat?

16 09 2008

Many of you know that I struggle with getting my son to eat anything but pizza, Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets, chocolate, store bought pigs in a blanket, pancakes and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I really have to try something new each week to trick him into eating much of anything. I have the Sneaky Chef’s book, but if it doesn’t look like cheese pizza, he’s not going to eat it. I cut things up into cute shapes, build animals and faces with the food. I have even tried rolling meatloaf up into little sausage looking things and making pigs in a blanket. He is so darn stubborn. When I do make him take a tiny baby bite, he gets so upset that he gags throws up!

Recently, I found a great blog with the cutest ideas for serving your kid’s food in muffin tins. I need all the help I can get. So last night I did this…

Believe it or not, he actually ate more tonight than he has in a long time! He didn’t touch the turkey burgers, but he ate his grapes, crackers, half of the carrots, tiny bites of banana and later a pickle and strawberry!

If any of you have more tricks up your sleeves, please let me know! I’m sure this tin thing will get old and he’ll go back to his old ways of gagging and whinning. I mean, common… how can you not like mashed potatoes or spaghetti? His poor future wife may never get to cook anything unless it’s shaped like pizza!


I’ve been tagged by Michelle at Brain Drops! My first time to be tagged for anything… how exciting.

So here are the rules:

1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

My 5 reasons for blogging and how it’s affected me:

I only have one negative, I spend way too much time on my computer! yikes! Since I was already doing this before blogging, I won’t count it as my 5. Okay moving on to the good stuff…

1. Friends

I started blogging to keep track of family events because I let my scrapbook get too far behind. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined meeting so many lovely women! That has been one of my favorite positives, making new friends from all over the country. It’s crazy how connected I feel to so many of you. I’ve really enjoyed your family stories, photos, getting to know your personalities, hearing about your struggles and how you get through them. I can’t wait to boot up my best friend, Mac, each morning and see what each of you are doing! Plus, I don’t have many friends who are stuck to their computers like me, so I feel normal when talking to you gals! ha.

2. Inspiration

I get so encouraged and inspired by reading other’s blogs. Whether it be in a creative way or personal way. There are so many neat women out there, it’s amazing! I only know a few handfuls of truly creative people in my real life. The past 10 years, I’ve worked from home and this summer I really began to miss being in a work environment with other creative types. It was so bad that I was beginning to have a mid life crisis! I was craving something more. I couldn’t figure out what it was at the time, but since blogging, I have felt so much better. I just needed to find you artsy fartsy people!! If you are reading this and you think you aren’t creative or artsy… if you have a blog… you are! Blogging is a very creative outlet for anyone, it can bring out your hidden talents for sure. Everyday I find a new busy mom who has something wonderful to share on her blog. We all wear many hats as moms, wives and women in general… it’s very inspiring to see you all doing so many neat things in addition to your everyday life.

3. Creative Outlet

Like I just said, blogging is very big creative outlet. I enjoy writing or creating things to entertain people. I have so many ideas in my head that need to come out! Designs I want to share! It’s so nice to have people appreciate what I have to share:-) And even if you don’t like it, at least I get my brain farts out. (I’m using the word fart a lot here today… sorry… brain gas just doesn’t sound as good.)

4. Learning

I have learned somethings about myself. Who knew I could actually write some witty things? According to some of you… I actually make you laugh at times. Wow! That’s cool. I also love all the tutorials and ideas you all share. Learning how to get my kids to eat, recipe and decorating ideas, computer technology and even Photoshop shortcuts… there is so much to learn here in blog world.

5. Faith

I feel so blessed to have met so many Christian women. I think that is the greatest thing blogging has done for me personally. Getting to know you has helped me grow spiritually as well. I have been so down and felt so alone sometimes, then I read something one of you wrote and I cry with relief. I get so encouraged by your openness. I am surrounded by great Christian women in my life, but never expected to find a whole gang of you online. God is good and I think he has spoken to me through blogging!  What a blessing.

* Okay, so now I am supposed to tag some of you. I will choose five new friends who I find hard to believe I didn’t know a few short months ago. I’m not one to send chain type letters out, but would love to hear what you all have to say:-) If you aren’t tagged, please leave a comment on how blogging has affected you.






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May The Force Be With You

15 09 2008

I hope you had a good weekend! We had a fun here in Texas. Guess who came to town? The one and only Darth Vader! gasp!!! Guess who stood in this line to see him? 

I even bought my kid the Anakin Skywalker costume just for this. This has to go down as being the best day with Mommy ever! For those of you weren’t 6-10 years old in the late 70’s and live in the real world… Anakin is Darth Vader before he turned to the “Dark Side”.

Pottery Barn Kids did a great promotion for their new Star Wars line. Even my friend’s husband was excited to get to meet Lord Vader. ha! Here is mini Vader and mini Anakin waiting patiently.

And finally they meet!!! Look at that pose! 

Meanwhile, Daddy and little sister were having bonding time. Looks like they were doing laundry…

I was proud of myself! I didn’t get sucked in and buy anything at Pottery Barn. But I did go nuts at a Halloween store. I’ll post my finds soon. Here is one thing I recommend for sure if you are near a Bath & Body Works. YUM!!! This smells sooooo good!



  • I’ve been working on the cutest (I think) new FREE download. Check back soon to get it!!
  • Picked up some great Halloween decorations that I can’t wait to tell you about!!

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Friday Feature – Kid’s Halloween Costumes – 9.12.08

12 09 2008

Martha Stewart’s Halloween workshop started this week. I’ve been getting emails with new ideas every day! I’m getting very excited for October!

Now is the time to think about costumes. If you buy them, you need to start looking soon before all the good ones are sold out. To help you with your shopping, I’ll feature some of the costumes I have found. Some are so cute, and some are so weird!

Here are the really cute ones for little people:

I would LOVE to put my daughter in one of those above, but it’s usually way too hot here in Texas to dress that warm. Maybe we’ll get a cold spell. I couldn’t decide on which one though!

Here are my favorite ideas for girls. I’m always up for a cute witch costume. The little Red Riding Hood would be easy to make at home with clothes we already have. 




My pick for boys… 



And now for the weird ones. ha! The baby ones are still cute, but of all the things you could dress up as… why would you choose food?

Just what every kid wants to be for Halloween right? And of course we all want to pay $90 at Pottery Barn Kids for these lovely costumes! Okay, maybe the fries are cute with the ketchup bag. But no way would my son want to wear this. You know these little models are thinking the same thing! I’m sure the art director was saying “Okay kids, please just try to look like you are so happy in these dumb costumes!”


I have to admit… this one is pretty funny!! I wonder if it smells? 


I’m a Dutch girl, I have real wooden shoes, but this is just plain weird… what’s with that hat? Ha!  Please, tell me you don’t own a Teletubbie costume!! 


I saved the best for last. I have to admit, I kind of like this! What boy wouldn’t want to be a potty? Think of all the fun things they could say all night! ha!


I don’t know why I even bother trying to come up with different costume ideas for my son. I know he’ll just want to be one of these:


Since Batman is his favorite, I’m sure my kids will end up trick or treating in these costumes.


Here are the sites where I found the costumes pictured above: &   


For those who prefer home-made costumes, I found the cutest girl costumes on Etsy!!! OMG! These are too cute! Please click the photos if you are interested and give these talented moms some business. They each have plenty more costumes.


Yaya Papaya has THE most adorable costumes I’ve ever seen! 


Alright, so now that I’ve given you some ideas you’re ready to go on your Halloween costume hunt. 

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Home Tour- Kid’s Rooms

11 09 2008


Welcome to day 3 of my home tour! You saw my spruced up porch, dinning and living rooms, and now I’ll show you my kids’ rooms!


This is my five year old son’s room. He loves his lodge. I chose this theme for his baby room because I wanted something different and I still love it five years later.



Now for my daughter’s room. I am so happy I had her… I needed a girl!!!

This room is a mix of Pottery Barn, my hand sewn items and antique kid furniture.

My aunt made that cross stitched Peter Rabbit quilt.

She got stuck with her brother’s dark brown crib. Those are my baby dresses hanging in the background.

Here are a few items I made. I got this lamp half off at Hobby Lobby, painted it, then added the ruffle and pom poms. A very easy fix up for a $10 lamp!

Next summer, I’ll work on her big girl room. I can’t wait!

Thanks for taking the tour!

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Sunday At My House

7 09 2008

We had a busy weekend! I think I made myself sick by working so late and not getting much sleep all week. So, Sunday I literally crashed and burned. I couldn’t move and had an awful crook in my neck. All I could do was lay on the bed. Oh… all the things I needed to do! But reality set in and sleep is what my body needed. 

My husband was so great. He took the kids to church and entertained them all day. Later that afternoon, he had a football watching party with our neighbor and his sons. When I finally rolled out of bed, this is what I saw when I went outside. 

Oh yeah, nothing like a white trash party in the front yard! This just shows the difference between when I throw a party and when the hubby plans the event. Wait, no planning involved, just grab some tables and chairs from the garage, order pizza and walla! Notice the garbage bins next to the kid’s table! I’m sure every neighbor who walked by was so jealous they weren’t invited!! ha.

Like our nice outdoor patio flat screen TV? ha!

The hubby makes fun of me for decorating and go all out when I invite friends over. I can’t help it, I love entertaining and making things look nice when I do. I guess I should listen to him sometimes, it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks as long as you’re having fun! It sure looks like they were having fun!!

What did you do this weekend? If you have a post about it, put a link in your comment so I can check it out.

Want to see what I like to do when having a party? Check out my daughter’s 2nd birthday party.


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Computer Coupon

6 09 2008

My son is a total computer freak! He loves playing on the computer and would be on Play Station 2 all day if I let him. I’m also a computer freak, so this might be some what my fault… monkey see, monkey do right? For being only 5, he’s really smart and sneaky. He knows how to use keyboard short cuts to get rid of my desktop junk and get to his favorite web sites. It’s crazy what he can do on the computer! I was so excited when Apple updated their parental controls. Now my son has to login to use the computer, only able to go to sites that I allow and it shuts down after 20 minutes.

To control my little freak’s time on my Mac and Play Station, I designed a coupon. This is a fun reward to use right away or save up several for the weekend. If you don’t have a Mac or great parental controls, I hope you enjoy this alternative idea.

Download my coupons to use with your own little computer freak:

Computer Time Coupon

Want more FREE downloads? Check out my other items:

Days of the Week Tags

I’ve got lots more coming so check back often.

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