First Day of Kindergarten

25 08 2008
August 25, 2008
You went to Kindergarten today. I thought you would be scared and clinging to my leg. I thought you would cry and I would have to leave you there upset. I thought wrong… you have grown up very fast and become such a big kid!
Wearing your new Transformer’s backback, you strode right into school. As we walked to your class, you did not want to hold my hand, but every once in a while you would look back to make sure I was still with you.
You met your teacher and weren’t too sure about sitting in your seat. For about 30 seconds, your face turned red and tears started to well up in your eyes. I thought I would loose it before you did, but you and I both kept our cool! Good for us! Boy, mommy was way more emotional than she expected to be. Once you knew I could stay until class started you decided it was okay. You still didn’t want to put your bottom down in the seat just yet though.:-)
Finally your friend Dawson got to class and all was good. You didn’t seem to care whether I was there or not. So I hid in the background a took a few photos of you singing your morning song. 
I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown. Your new school jeans fit just right. I usually have to roll up the pants. Your legs have all the sudden gotten long!  You have become a great swimmer and are starting your 3rd season of soccer this week. Yesterday you lost your first tooth and didn’t even cry! It makes me sad, but excited too. You were such an active baby, running by the time you were 11 months old. You wore me out! I could never catch up to you. It seems I still can’t. You will outgrow your daddy and me one day. I wanted to write this letter, so when you are that big you can read it and laugh at me for being sappy, but will also know how much I loved you.
I pray that you will have a great school experience and love your teacher and classmates. I will miss taking you to the grocery store in your Batman costume, eating lunch and running around town together. You are my little buddy and I’m so thankful to have been home with you these first 5 years. It has really gone by quick! I think most of all, your sissy will miss you the most. She will have to learn how to play all by herself. I’m sure there will be many times she will call out your name today. It was sweet when you said, “I’ll play with sissy all the time when I get home from school.” I know that will make her very happy.
Kindergarten is a big time for learning! I’m looking forward to of all the new things we will be able to do together like reading books, writing letters and spelling words! I’m excited for all the new adventures in store for you! I can’t wait to experience it all again through you. Have a wonderful day today and I hope you miss us just a tiny bit. I can’t wait to take you for ice cream and hear all about your BIG day.

All you moms who have school kids…

Check back tomorrow for a fun idea to stay organized and help your kids get dressed on their own each day!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

23 08 2008

chocolate peanut butter draping

smittenkitchen.comMy new favorite cooking blog is Smitten Kitchen. How have I never heard of this site before? Beautiful photos and recipes. And she LOVES chocolate. My kinda gal! Her name is Deb and she cooks some gorgeous things in a tiny NYC apartment kitchen. 

Go here for this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake recipe. WOW! Is your mouth watering? 

Photo by Smitten Kitchen


Have a great weekend! Come back Monday to read about my boy going to kindergarten! We met the teacher last night and he LOVED it. I’m not as worried about him crying or being clingy. I am a little worried that he’ll be very loud. He was so excited that he was shouting!! 


He had to look in each kid’s locker. I can just imagine him the first day of school shouting “TEACHER! I NEED TO GET SOMETHING FROM MY LOCKER!!” or ” TEACHER, I HAVE TO PEE!” Poor teacher. 🙂


Sorry for the bad photo… taken from my iPhone. I’ll remember to bring my real camera on Monday.


P.S.- Happy Birthday Mom!