The cat who stole the lollipop.

30 09 2008

This is a story about a little girl and her lollipop. Lollipops are the little girl’s favorite treat.



After peeing on the potty, the girl was rewarded with a delicious “pink wallypop”. Pink is her all time favorite color, so this meant the girl was very happy. Her mommy was also happy to have a few moments to herself, when all the sudden the happy girl started screaming! “My pink wallypop, My pink wallyop!” “Rocky noooooooo!!!” Just then the girl’s very fat and furry cat, Rocky who usually moves ultra slow, darted out the room. Mommy came to the rescue, thinking the lollipop had fallen on the floor, was surprised when there was nothing there. The girl looked desperately at her mommy and yelled “Rocky took it!” The cat must have really stolen the lollipop!! Why would a cat want to steal a little girl’s lollipop? 

Turns out this poor kitty didn’t want the lollipop at all, but it had gotten stuck to his fuzzy fur! The little girl and her mother laughed and laughed as the poor cat ran around the house. Finally, the cat was caught and the lollipop removed. The girl got a new lollipop, the mommy got a blog story and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.




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17 09 2008

Beep! Beep! Okay, that’s what we’ve been hearing all night. Yaaaawwwwn. We have 11, yes 11 fire alarms. 10 of them are beeping. It’s like 10 little birds have snuck in the house. We changed all the batteries, took all the batteries out, turned off the power (they were still going off), reset them all and still, Beep! I’m waiting now until it’s late enough in the morning to call an electrician. Don’t know what else to do. I hope someone can come out today, otherwise I may have to get the hammer out. My husband says I’m being impatient, yeah, as he’s walking out the door to sit in his quiet, beep free office:-)

Okay, I don’t want to bore you any longer with my beeping story. I want to talk about husbands!!!

Last night, a friend turned the big 4-0! Her very sweet husband planned a surprise party. While a neighbor took her and the kids to dinner, he cleaned the entire house and made the best fondue ever with strawberries, angel food cake and bananas! An entire house full of people showed up and the surprise was a success. We couldn’t believe it because she’s not one to pull the wool over her eyes. The first thing she said, was “OMG, the house was a mess when I left!” ha! I assured her that it was spic and span when I got there. Her husband spent the night stirring the fondue and taking photos of everyone. Then to top it all off, later he pulled a giant chocolate cake out of the fridge! He even put candles on it! I was shocked at his attention to detail:-) It was a great night and he was beaming because he’d pulled it off. The men in the house were not too thrilled to have to live up to his greatness… ha! Happy Birthday Kim! You’re one lucky gal.

So ladies, I want to hear your stories about something great your husband has done for you. Can you top this?

Because of all the beeping, all I can think of right now is that my husband tried his very best to turn those alarms off last night, he was up way past his bedtime. 


Alright… fast forward several hours after the electrician fixed the alarms. Yeah!!! Now I can think! I haven’t had a party planned for me, but my hubby does lots of little things everyday. Besides keeping our yard looking beautiful, no joke ladies, this is what he does each Saturday:

  1. takes out all trash
  2. does everyone’s laundry
  3. washes dishes and puts away clean ones from the dishwasher
  4. fixes anything that needs fixing
  5. plays with the kids so I can run errands
I’d say acts of service is definitely his love language! I also get chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day too:-)


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Home Tour – Front Porch

8 09 2008

One of my weekend projects was to clean my front porch. Well, I went a little nuts. One minute I was sweeping my  steps, then the next I was re-arranging furniture in my dining and living room! I think the new season of Top Design got me inspired to simplify my rooms. So I thought I would give you a house tour to show my semi-new digs. Plus, it’s always fun to see someone else’s house right?

I’ll show off my front porch today, because I did spend a lot of time cleaning it up and getting ready for Fall. What flowers I did have outside were all dead. It was so ugly and dusty!! I don’t know why I didn’t take a before picture? I never think ahead for this bloggy stuff.

Instead of a wreath, I decided on this for the door. I found some great plants on sale! I love that! This needs to be a little bigger. So I’m still on the hunt for some good vines. But for now, it will have to do.

Look at this shinny door! For the second time in 8 years, I washed the door AND the windows.

Ready to come inside?


Sorry, you’ll have to come back tomorrow!!! I’m such a tease… Hope to see you then! 


Can’t wait? Then, check out my home office and garden.


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    Sunday At My House

    7 09 2008

    We had a busy weekend! I think I made myself sick by working so late and not getting much sleep all week. So, Sunday I literally crashed and burned. I couldn’t move and had an awful crook in my neck. All I could do was lay on the bed. Oh… all the things I needed to do! But reality set in and sleep is what my body needed. 

    My husband was so great. He took the kids to church and entertained them all day. Later that afternoon, he had a football watching party with our neighbor and his sons. When I finally rolled out of bed, this is what I saw when I went outside. 

    Oh yeah, nothing like a white trash party in the front yard! This just shows the difference between when I throw a party and when the hubby plans the event. Wait, no planning involved, just grab some tables and chairs from the garage, order pizza and walla! Notice the garbage bins next to the kid’s table! I’m sure every neighbor who walked by was so jealous they weren’t invited!! ha.

    Like our nice outdoor patio flat screen TV? ha!

    The hubby makes fun of me for decorating and go all out when I invite friends over. I can’t help it, I love entertaining and making things look nice when I do. I guess I should listen to him sometimes, it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks as long as you’re having fun! It sure looks like they were having fun!!

    What did you do this weekend? If you have a post about it, put a link in your comment so I can check it out.

    Want to see what I like to do when having a party? Check out my daughter’s 2nd birthday party.


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    Is it just me?

    4 09 2008

    I wasn’t going to write tonight. I was going to get all my work done with no distractions. I have deadlines, lots to do. Well, here I am. Writing! I have something on my mind and need someone else’s opinion.

    My daughter just started a new preschool this week. It’s a lovely school, where she is surrounded by friends and my friend’s children. I thought it would be nice to be closer to home. The last school was a long drive to another suburb. It was such a nice and well run school, so it was a hard decision to leave. Now I’m not so sure I made the right choice. 

    I don’t know if I’m being over sensitive about some of the comments her teacher made to me today. I know being with 8-10 two year olds for half a day could make anyone bonkers. So I’m trying to look at it from her perspective also. She is young and shy. So maybe she is just inexperienced in dealing with parents. What did she say? Well, this is where I need your opinion… am I being too sensitive? (If you know me personally… NOBODY has ever called me sensitive, especially me!!!) So this is why I’m so perplexed! ha.


    I walk to the door to get my child: (this is only the second day she has been to school)

    Teacher: “Well, today was a MUCH better day with her.”

    Me:  What do you mean better? Did you have a hard time with her on Tuesday? 

    Well, you’re going to have to work with her on napping.

    I told you she doesn’t sleep anywhere but her bed. Not even in the car. Ever. Ugh. Did she not even sit on her nap mat?

    You’re just going to have to work with her and teach her to be quiet while the other children are napping. We do have children who nap in this class and it needs to be quiet. 

    Oh, was she talking the entire time? She does like to talk! (I’m being cheerful here folks… hoping to lighten her up from the hard day with preschoolers.)

    Yes. And that’s a good thing, but not during quiet time. (this was said in a sweet sounding voice, not in anyway mean…. just stating the fact.)

    Well, Is there something you can do, like read to her? Last year, her teachers would take her for a stroller ride or to another class to help pick up toys. 

    We really need her to be quiet and rest. Maybe when you get home, you could just work with her. Oh, and also…   (then she went through school procedures that we need to follow)


    Any who, that was the extend of our conversation.

    How do you teach a 2 year old who loves to talk and not sleep anywhere but her bed… to be quiet and nap in a tiny room with 9 other kids and all kinds of neat toys within reach? mmmmm… that’s a hard one. For one, it probably ain’t going to happen. Especially the first week of school. She might eventually learn to lay quietly after a week or so of watching the other children.

    I thought it was a strange remark. I guess I thought the teacher was supposed to work with the children and get them used to the schedule… not the other way around?

    My daughter was in a gymnastic camp this summer. Every time I picked her up, several kids were still napping and mine was bee bopping around, helping the teacher. That teacher said she was the sweetest thing ever. Maybe she was just much more experienced and knew how to make a parent feel good about leaving their child in her care. Maybe the new school is just hectic now because it’s the first week? Maybe once the teacher gets a hang of things, they will all get on schedule and learn the daily routine? 

    What do you think about this? For some reason it rubbed me the wrong way… am I over reacting? 



    I ended up switching schools back to the one my children have attended for the last five years. I think it’s the right choice for my girl. And guess what? On her first day of school, she napped!! I was shocked. It was because they have a separate room for napping and it was dark. I think she just needs to be away from toys and for it to be dark. Yeah!! 

    ***For those of you who have children at the previous school, I don’t want to scare you away by any means. Most moms I know, seem very happy with their children being there and that is wonderful. Our teacher was very sweet, but I suppose I was spoiled by our previous school and didn’t realize how much I missed it. 

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    3 09 2008

    Do you love Halloween? It’s only September, but it’s never too early to think scary thoughts!

    I’m excited to announce I’m hosting a Halloween Blog Party!

    October 19 – October 31, 2008

    I go all out for Halloween! I couldn’t wait to show you some of my decorations and ideas. Then I thought… why don’t I host a blog party and see all of your ideas too! Starting October 19th, for 13 spooky days, I’ll feature blogs and anyone with photos who want to join the party and show off their Halloween spirit! Then on October 31st, I’ll give away prizes!!! It’s not a party without prizes right? You have plenty of time to think of something original or find old photos from Halloween past. I hope to see lots of spooktacular ideas!

    Contest Categories

    • Best Original Costume FYI: I’m a sucker for family themes and funny pet costumes!
    • Creepiest Yard Decor Does not have to be yours, take a photo of your neighbor’s yard if it’s good!
    • Most Creative Party Idea This includes recipes, decor, games and crafts.
    • Most BOOtiful Halloween Design This includes party invitations, cards and scrapbook pages.
    • Most Bewitching Halloween Photo As long as it’s Halloween themed… anything goes!

    Contest Rules: All entries must be something you produced, not a photo from a magazine or book. Family friendly entries only.

    **Check back next week to see the prizes you could win! If you have a fun product you would like to donate, please contact me.

    Details on how to participate:

    1. If you’re brave enough to participate, please leave a comment on this post so I can get a general idea of who will be partying.

    2. Download my party image above and invite your friends and readers to join the party! Make sure to tell them all about it and link back to this web page for more details. The more people who party, the more fun it will be!

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    3. E-mail a link of your Halloween post to me at Please title the subject “Halloween”.

    Try to publish it and send to me on or before Oct. 20th. (the earlier, the better:-) Please provide the link to your actual post, not your home page. I will have to send Dracula to bite your neck if I have to go searching through your site for it. **You can still participate even if you don’t have a web site, just email me your photos and contact info.

    4. Be sure to link back to my blog so your readers can get in on this spooktacular event!!

    ***This is a “FAMILY FRIENDLY” Party***

    Please contact me with questions. I’m excited to see your creative ideas!!! I hope a lot of you participate. If not, I guess I get to keep the prizes!! Come back often to get some inspiration.

    – Amy

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    Friday Feature- Favorite Artists – 8.29.08

    29 08 2008

    One of my dreams is to paint. I used to paint, many, many moons ago. Maybe when the kids are older and say, “Oh mom, you’re so old and embarrassing!” Then I’ll have a reason to poor out my old, withered soul in a painting. Since I don’t have any (good) paintings of my own, I’d like to feature a few artists who will provide you something beautiful to look at today!

    Amanda Dunbar is one of my favorite artists. You can view her work here.

    Person of the Week

    I first saw Amanda on Oprah when she was 13 years old on one of those amazing kid episodes. She had a great story about taking an art class and amazing her teacher and parents with her gift. Apparently Amanda had never painted before, but was able to create an impressionistic painting on her first attempt. She says she was guided by angels. I was excited to find out this little girl lived in my home town! We eventually ended up buying several of her paintings and enjoy them very much. I used to see her at Blockbuster and even took a hip hop dance class with her at the gym. That was so strange, shaking it next to a girl who’s been compared to Monet and Renoir! I wonder if Claude ever busta move? 

    Amanda’s latest project is creating Swarovski Crystal encrusted guitars called Precious Rebels. These playable works of art sell from $15,000 to $75,000. Aren’t these awesome? I wish I played guitar. I wish I had $15,000+ lying around too! 

    Copywright 2008 Amanda Dunbar, LLC    Photos via ABC News and Amanda Dunbar, LLC




    A fun artist I discovered through blogging is Fifi at Fifi Flowers Design.

    She can create a whimsical original painting from any photo. I would love for her to paint my house or garden. Or maybe one of my favorite vacation pics from Italy or Paris? Oh, I could decorate my daughter’s big girl room with some paintings! Fifi, I’m contacting you when I finally figure out what I want you to paint. It might be a while though, I have a hard time making decisions! ugh. 

    Copywright 2008 Fifi Flower Designs 

    If you have a favorite artist, leave a comment and let me know. As I’m held up in my home with preschoolers and in need of some culture!

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