Outerbanks Vacation

17 07 2008

We’re back in Texas!

Our trip to the Outerbanks was wonderful. If you don’t know, the Outerbanks is a chain of islands on the coast of North Carolina. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Corolla. This was the most northern town where there are very few commercial areas along the beach, mostly a secluded area with enormous beach houses. If you go a little further north, you need a four wheel drive to access the beach and homes. That is where the wild mustangs roam. It was a really great place for a family vacation! This trip was for our kids, I hope they will remember this when they are grown.


Photos from our hotel pier.





Sunrise view from our balcony. Beautiful!



Here are just some of the things the kids did:

• Hung out with their cousins from Boston- Uncle Sal’s kids.


The Locurto boys had a great time together!

• Played on the beach




• Dolphin Watched

Most evenings there would be about 10-20 dolphins swim by our beach. Some had babies, we really enjoyed watching them!


• Chased Crabs- and cried about scary crabs:-)





• Climbed to the top of historic Currituck Beach Lighthouse


Those are our boys and men on to top!


• Kayaked

(I stayed with the baby, so you won’t see photos. I can’t believe nobody had a camera!)

Apparently they did this for several hours through canals near the lighthouse area. Nobody cried, so that was good! I went shopping with baby sister. We ate outside and fed some very large turtles in a pond.



• Fished of a VERY long pier





This isn’t the same pier, but I’m sure it was similar to this. I didn’t go, it made me dizzy to stand out there very long. Yikes! We were in Kitty Hawk here. The houses are not as big, much more charming.


• Swam at the nice hotel pools. There was even a lazy river pool.








• Boogie Boarded

The hurricane in the Atlantic brought in some big waves. All the boys had to do on this day was hold on tight! 





• Played Putt Putt Golf





• Posed for Family Photos

One thing they didn’t enjoy. ha! Our planned ahead beach photos got rained out 5 minutes before the photographer showed up! Oh well, the ones around the hotel turned out cute. I was just happy to get the entire family in a photo. It stopped raining right as the photographer was leaving so we did get a few in front of the hotel.




• Collected Sea Shells


• Enjoyed evenings on the beach with the family




The parents enjoyed this time just as much as the kids! That is my fun sister-in-law Liisa. We were baffled at how Sal could just fall asleep with all the craziness that goes on with the kids. Pretty funny.


• Flew Kites

You can see my two kids on the left, one is holding the kite.

• Played sports on the beach


I highly recommend the Outerbanks. We really did it all! I need a vacation to recover from all the running around we did. I wish we had time to take a trip to see the wild horses. Maybe next time. We were very blessed to get to do all that we did, especially since the forecast was rain everyday. Hope you enjoyed the photos.



13 07 2008

The weather turned out great! It’s rained a few days, but in all it was wonderful! Thanks for all those prayers.

This is our last day here. We have boogie boarded, climbed up numerous stairs to look out the top of a light house, chased crabs, cried about scary crabs and eaten crabs. We enjoyed our Locurto cousins and fought with our Locurto cousins. We played on the beach, swam in pool, kayaked, played putt putt golf… both in the rain and sunshine.  It’s been a memorable vacation, that’s for sure!

I discovered my son has quite an obsession with lighthouses. It’s weird, because so did my dad. I guess it’s in his blood. We will probably visit a light house one more time today and try to deep sea fish. I’m thinking there might be some crying involved with fishing, so the light house is sounding good. Look for photos online next week. See you soon!