Spooktacular Halloween Friday – 10.03.08

3 10 2008

This month each Friday Feature will be about something wonderful I’ve found for Halloween. Enjoy!

Do something fun this year and host a Pumpkin Party! Check out DecoArt’s Pumpkin Painting Idea Center. They have over 40 adorable ideas.

Then download my Pumpkin Party Invitation and let the fun begin!

Download this FREE Pumpkin Party Invitation

Don’t forget my Halloween Owl Tags for the goodie bags:-)


Another FREE download you have to get this Halloween is Love Manor’s Potion Labels. These are so cool! I’m excited because I usually have to make these myself. Now I can just download them and print at home. Thanks Johnny Love! You’ve inspired me to make a jar of eyeballs, just so I can use your label:-)


Potion Ingredients LabelPotion Ingredients Label


Potion Ingredients LabelPotion Ingredients Label



A magical artist I just discovered is Vanessa at A fanciful Twist.

Vanessa has more talent in her pinky than I do in my entire body! You have to visit her web site and see her Halloween Line at Etsy! Vanessa also hosts a Mad Tea Party that will make you feel like you really are Allison in Wonderland!! I think her photos and art from her party are the most wonderful thing I have EVER seen on the internet. NO JOKE!





Join Vanessa’s Halloween Blog Party on October 18th.

Then get ready for mine on the 22nd! Lots of parting going on this month!


Another great site I have already told you about, but wanted to feature again is One Pretty Thing and her Halloween Roundups. You could spend hours going through all the great things she’s found. 

Look at this old doll stuffed with lights! Spooooky! I like making these mummies for kid parties too.


I also love this round up find… Canned Halloween Monstrosities!! Click the photo for directions. Then print Love Manor’s Potion Labels and you’re all set. I think a baby doll head or foot would be pretty creepy too! ha!


Little Ant Design is having a ghoulish giveaway from Tim Turner, owner of The Goulish Gallery.  One lucky reader will win a haunted masterpiece – a 16×20 changing portrait of their choice. Go here to learn more about this contest.

I love these! I just bought a couple of cheap changing portraits, but would love to win a large nice one from Tim Turner. This one really creeps me out… Meet Little Edna! 


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New Halloween Book

13 09 2008

Move over Martha… Matthew Mead has a great new Halloween magazine and let me tell you… there are some really creative ideas! It’s called

Matthew Mead Halloween Tricks and Treats.

Mr. Mead is so talented. I’ve seen his work in Country Home and always impressed. Check out the carrots in the candle sticks. They have little eye balls on them! How fun are those? 

This is a must get for all you Halloween Freaks like me:-) Guess what? You have a chance to win this book! Click on over to Restyled Home to get the details and enter. 


You should know by now that I LOVE free downloads!

Check out these awesome Halloween Templates from Matthew Mead. Get the magazine in stores now to see some great ways to use these. The way he decorated the ghost garland is adorable.


After you buy (or win) this book, post your creations and join my blog party in October!

You could win some fun prizes!

October 22-31st

Click Here for Party Details



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Sunday At My House

7 09 2008

We had a busy weekend! I think I made myself sick by working so late and not getting much sleep all week. So, Sunday I literally crashed and burned. I couldn’t move and had an awful crook in my neck. All I could do was lay on the bed. Oh… all the things I needed to do! But reality set in and sleep is what my body needed. 

My husband was so great. He took the kids to church and entertained them all day. Later that afternoon, he had a football watching party with our neighbor and his sons. When I finally rolled out of bed, this is what I saw when I went outside. 

Oh yeah, nothing like a white trash party in the front yard! This just shows the difference between when I throw a party and when the hubby plans the event. Wait, no planning involved, just grab some tables and chairs from the garage, order pizza and walla! Notice the garbage bins next to the kid’s table! I’m sure every neighbor who walked by was so jealous they weren’t invited!! ha.

Like our nice outdoor patio flat screen TV? ha!

The hubby makes fun of me for decorating and go all out when I invite friends over. I can’t help it, I love entertaining and making things look nice when I do. I guess I should listen to him sometimes, it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks as long as you’re having fun! It sure looks like they were having fun!!

What did you do this weekend? If you have a post about it, put a link in your comment so I can check it out.

Want to see what I like to do when having a party? Check out my daughter’s 2nd birthday party.


Living Locurto …. the ramblings of a creative mom.

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Turning 2 is Sweet!

23 07 2008

It’s hard to believe my baby will be turning 2 soon. I have been crazy busy with work and being a mom lately, but I did manage to squeeze in time to design her birthday party invitation. I had to cut down this feather boa ribbon for it to fit through the punch holes and now I have tiny pink feathers floating all over my kitchen. (sniff… sniff) I think a feather just floated up my nose!! Luckily I only had to make a few.

click invite to enlarge

We are having two of her friends over for a dress up tea party. It’s going to be such a fun time with feather boas, shoes, jewelry, hats and bags. I just bought some girly pink fabric to decorate the tiny tea table and bows to put around the chairs. I’m excited to do a party theme that is not superhero, cars or trains. Little girls are so sweet!

Fourth of July Party

5 07 2008

We went to our friend Lee’s house for the 4th of July. We have been doing this on and off for about 6-7 years, way before anyone but Lee had kids. It’s hard to believe that his girls were in middle school when we started this tradition! Good friends are a great thing to have. 


Here are Lee’s girls, Alyssa and Erika. They are so grown up and gorgeous! 

My crew…

Introducing Alyssa’s new baby, oh I mean puppy! It’s a Miniature Chihuahua. Isn’t it SOOO cute!!

Awwww. I think it will only get to be 3lbs. She still has no name yet. I think she looks like “Pinkie”. The thing already has a pink bed, pink collar and pink cell phone toy. What’s it going to be Alyssa??