Olympic Photos

28 08 2008

My son’s Sunday school teacher, Janet, and her family just got back from the Olympics. Can you believe I actually know people who were there in person? Cool, huh? They went to 15 different events. Janet sent me a link to some of her husband’s beautiful photos. Wow, these look like professional stock photos. I thought I would share a few of my favorites here. What an AMAZING experience!!! I can’t wait to hear about it in person.

To hear about their trip start reading here. (It’s so interesting!)


What are you watching now that the olympics are over? To read what shows I’m looking forward to go here.


My Boy

21 08 2008

My boy is about to loose his first tooth. My boy is about to go to Kindergarten. Boy, oh boy!

I had fun playing with The Pioneer Woman’s Photoshop Actions. Go get them… they are awesome and they are free. This was way back when my boy was only two. Sweet.

Soft & Faded Action

PW’s B&W

Lovely Action


One of my favorite creative mom photography gurus challenged her blog readers to take photos of themselves with their children. You may think you look fat, have bad hair or too many wrinkles now, but in 10 years you’ll look back and wish you looked that way again! So if you have kids, grab the camera and set your timer or have someone take it. If you have long arms, take it yourself! Here are a few I took of us together a long long time ago.

I don’t get fancy very often, but when I do actually curl the hair and put on make-up, I like to grab a kid for a quick photo. You’ll thank yourself later when it’s one of the ONLY shots of you and your child. ha!


iPhone Camera

17 08 2008

I’m testing photos from my iPhone. They turned out better than I thought. Pics are NOT good at night or inside with limited light. If you get a shot outside with nice light, they are good enough to use for the web when you don’t have your “real” camera handy.

Here is a sample of what happens inside. Photos turn out very grainy and red.

I’m looking at this photo and can’t get over how different my daughter looks from me! She has such huge dark eyes like her daddy. But she is a ham and silly like her mom. My little goofy girl who loves to draw, sing and dance. Gotta love it!!


If you don’t hold the iPhone totally still, it will be blurry like this.

(Another goofy pic of cutie pie)


I’ll still cart my Canon around with me. I wish Apple had made the camera better, but I guess you can’t have it all. There has to be something that makes you want to buy the next generation right?


6 08 2008

I have finally gotten around to posting my rainbow shot. A week ago, this is what I saw when I opened my door! Wow! I was late for tennis, but just had to run inside to get my camera. It looks like a double rainbow. It went across the entire sky, but I couldn’t get it all in the shot. 

Tennis was canceled because of the rain, so with my eyes on the rainbow and the road. I didn’t even notice what was behind me to the west until I stopped for gas! It was even better than the rainbow… it looked like the sky was on fire. I love this shot! I can’t believe this picture came from me and my camera.

I also love that several men at the gas station were yelling “Hey baby! You can take my picture anytime!!” It must have been the tight tennis shorts, or maybe they were drunk? Either way, every girl needs a little pick me up from strangers yelling across a parking lot sometimes. ha.