Cute Video

30 08 2008

My 2 year old and I are excited about the new season of Sesame Street. (Since that is what we have on EVERY morning!) I love Feist and this is one of the cutest songs I’ve ever seen on this show. Who doesn’t love chickens in sunglasses???

Sorry if you end up singing this all day:-) At least your kids will learn to count to 4!

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Looking forward to Fall

13 08 2008

We finally got a break from the 102° heat last night! We actually stepped outside and even went bike riding!! Our neighbors were shocked! They thought we had left for the summer.

This change in climate got me thinking about my favorite season…  FALL!!  School, Halloween, pumpkin spiced candles, football, cool weather, MOPS, sweaters and boots, State Fair of Texas, Thanksgiving, leaf jumping, but best of all my shows start up again!! Sad huh? 
How I’ve missed you three:
1. LOST (Bummer… this doesn’t start until early 2009!)
2. Heroes (Sept. 15th)
In the first three minutes one of the lead heroes is going to shoot one of the other lead heroes! Lots of new villains too.
3. 30 Rock (Oct. 30th)
The funniest show on TV! 
Sorry Grey’s Anatomy, you got bumped off the top 3. I’m over you!
And new to the list until LOST comes back:
90210 (Sept. 2nd)
You’d better be so bad you’re good.  Oh, and don’t forget trashy!
I heard Kelly (Jennie Garth) is coming back as the high school counselor. Brenda (Shannen Doherty) is also coming back.  Dylan better show up too. I don’t care about the new cast, I want to see the old ones. I’m sure they will only make brief appearances, but that’s still fun. The rumor is Tori Spelling is mad she’s not getting paid the same amount as the other girls, so she’s not in. Whatever. Donna was boring anyway. Hello? Anyone still reading this??? Or am I the only nut that loved this show?


What are you looking forward to this fall?
Fantasy football like my husband, maybe visiting family or sipping hot apple cider?
Are you a LOST or Heroes geek like me? I hope so!! They are confusing shows. I need someone to discuss them with instead of listening to podcasts of other geeks talk about them:-) I want my own geek conversation. ha!